And Yet It Moves review -

BeefJack: "It’s a charming puzzle-platformer which joins the growing ranks of games to play with the traditional genre dynamics in new and interesting ways. There are a variety of different game modes that can be unlocked as you play, including speed runs, time trials and limited rotation modes, all of which provide an intriguing challenge for those looking for something different. If only there were any discernible storyline to carry you through the main journey, And Yet It Moves might have been elevated from the status of fantastic quirky indie game, to something very special indeed."

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2970d ago
lolzers2970d ago

Looks interesting, might have to get this.

sajj3162970d ago

I really appreciate these types of games. I believe it was built on the Torque 2D engine. Keep 2D alive!

PS3Freak2970d ago

the title made me think it was for ps3 for a second.

Samus HD2970d ago

played it for an hour and i did get bored
but a good game though