Official Playstation Magazine UK Review Scores - F1 2010 First Review, Move Software Reviews

SystemLink: "The latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine UK (#49) is slipping through letterboxes round the country, with Batman: Arkham Asylum on the cover - why can't every magazine have Batman on the cover? He's so cool! In any case, OPM have the world exclusive review of F1 2010, as well as the Move game reviews. See them all below."

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Fozzy252994d ago

Good review. F1 2010 is looking a really promising title.

EvilBlackCat2994d ago

F1 2010: 9

they gave the game a 9!!!


because they gave the game a 9

omg! omg! omg! im going to buy it because they gave the game a 9

i mean that is a high score compare to other games right?

I have no idea how good the game is or if the game is sim or not but just because the game have a 9 im going to buy it anyway.

Does this game have great graphics?

well the game is a 9 so yeah i trust them... can somebody explain me the difference between 9.5 and 9?

Si-Fly2994d ago

I'm guessing the ritalin's run out?

outrageous2994d ago

Ouch...what happen to the Tiger Woods franchise.

Silly Mammo2994d ago

I was actually interested in picking up this title. Not so much now.

DigitalEnemy2994d ago

Tiger woods scored a respectable 7/10, its only the "move" implementation patch review that scored 4/10....

Fozzy252994d ago

That's surprising considering the amount of time Sony spent on Tiger Woods move during their E3 Conference. Obviously, the final implementation didn't work out that well.

uxo222994d ago

The same magazine scored TW 2011 a 7 out of 10, how can they give it it a 4 with the move patch. Are they saying that move made the game that bad or are they a bunch of hacks that can't swing a golf club and Move's 1:1 tracking has kicked them in the A$$ and now they are butt hurt.

DigitalEnemy2994d ago

Cant wait for F1, Codemasters are the kings of the driving genre... along with Polyphony Digital ofcourse...

Cant wait for Move, got mine on order along with Sports Champions, an extra controller and a sub-controller. Luckly I have Heavy Rain,MAG and Hustle kings to keep me going until Time Crisis, Killzone 3 and Socom hit retail.

S_C2994d ago

F1 2010 - Day 1 For Me

Letros2994d ago

9/10 sounds good, pre-ordering on Steam, $36!

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The story is too old to be commented.