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NowGamer previews Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on PS3 - "Ubisoft gave us a bit of a look at Brotherhood at Gamescom, and what we saw warmed even our stone cold hearts; as well as pursuing the wider goal of taking down those Templar oppressors for good, Ezio seems to have a few moments to spare to help out the little guys. Not only that, but it seems they’re more than willing to put back into his little band’s protection service in return."

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spunnups2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I will say this, I don't care for ASII's gameplay. The killing isn't satisfying, it's rather weak. That and the storytelling is the only part I have a problem with. Otherwise. I like it, but it needs improvement. Period.

bobcostus2994d ago

If AC2's combat wasn't satisfying, you weren't playing it right. Nothing is better than hitting 3 people in the neck with daggers and countering someone with a pole-arm and ramming it through their chest, dropping a smoke bomb and disappearing into the rooftops.

phillynavs32994d ago

for me, AC2's kills were far more satisfying than those in almost any other game. Especially because of the smoke bombs. making your way through a crowd, taking out a couple guards quickly and disappearing back into the crowd or throwing a smoke bomb and escaping through a narrow alley are some of the most satisfying gameplay elements in any PS3 or 360 game i've played

dtalon32994d ago

definitely had some viciously satisfying kills in ACII nothing like going from dagger counters to bare hand stealing a sword, running someone through with it, then throwing a knife in a throat and disappearing.

p.s. starting off any guard killing spree with the dual wrist blades to the head of two different opponents is awesome!

jack_burt0n2994d ago

I agree with you was a pale immitation of the original tenchu, my biggest concen with AC2 though is the engine it needs vsync the screentearing seems to be just as bad as the last game.

jarrod19812994d ago

I have to say i disagree with you

MGRogue20172994d ago

Hope the game is as long as AC2


Really lucking forward to this game, from what the devs have said the story will be as long as AC2 then then you got a multiplayer can not wait! Also can't wait for the beta

2994d ago