4 New Fable III Screenshots

These four new screenshots are from the Redmond Preview Event.

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EvilBlackCat2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

this game suck just like the rest of the games in xbox360

the story suck
the gameplay suck

and the most important aspect of every video game this generation>>>the graphics suck<<<

The game SUCK because is just on xbox360
The game SUCK because is NOT on PS3
The game already SUCK because I like THEM say so

FABLE suck!!!!

here i just say it for you guys

NO NEED to show up and bash it now i already did it for you guys.

Elginer2965d ago

jump visually from Fable II. Looking good!

edhe2965d ago

'tis 'tis

Hope their physics stuff is equally as improved.

ActionBastard2965d ago

I remember seeing bullshots like these for Fable 2. And that game is ugly in the real world.

heroprotagonist2965d ago

Action Bastard why do you ps3 cultists have to lie and troll so much? Fable 2 was not by any stretch of the imagination an ugly game. It looks better than most RPGs, except for maybe Mass Effect and FFXIII.

ActionBastard2965d ago

I own the game and it is, by the very definition, ugly. Even Peter thought it was rubbish. Having a different opinion doesn't make you a troll.

edhe2965d ago

Fable 2 > Dragon Age for looks.

Fable2 was very very pretty at times, and ugly at others.

I guess you must care about your navel fluff if that matters to you.

danmachine2965d ago

on pc, also those pics look like bullshots compared to everything else that has been shown.
i could be wrong though.

pr0digyZA2965d ago

I really loved the first fable (lost chapters) the second one was enjoyable and fun. I really hope the third will be amazing.Those screens look good and keep the same style which I like.Here's my fingers crossed hoping that Peter doesn't say something stupid.

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