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NowGame previews BlazBlue Continuum Shift on Xbox 360 - "Iteration, iteration, iteration! We hate to sound like a Victorian tutor, but that’s the mantra of the fighting game. It’s something we know works in the genre by its very nature, and the recent resurgence of the fighter started by Street Fighter IV has been recently buoyed by the rather excellent Super Street Fighter IV. But any fighting fan of old knows the inherent danger lurking here: the booming scene in the Nineties was soured by too many iterative takes as developers both milked the genre and struggled with their inability to produce a real follow up to Street Fighter II."

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saint_seya2970d ago

though continuum shift was released on ps3 and 360 at the same time o.o
anyway, its an amazing game, to those who dont had it on ps3, get it on 360, its a great game, since i got it never leaved my ps3.. playing online its the best, and u can see amazing players with crazy combos !

Rubberlegs2970d ago

Is out for the 360 in the US, this is a UK site. I guess they don't get it until next month.

Incognegro2970d ago

I was wondering....When I saw they had the release date set for October, I was really wondering if existence as I knew it was distorted.

Baka-akaB2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

where does that idea about market saturation even comes from ?

2d Fighting games fizzled out for others reasons like the allure and excitement over 3d .

3d fighting were a novelty and with a new type of gameplay . Even rather mediocre games like toshinden had a following because of graphics performances .
So it's no wonder actually good games like tekken or soul calibur among many wiped the floor with 2d .

a 2d that wrongfully became the sign of outdated or ugly games .

Plus as 3d took off on consoles , interest in multiplayer competition shifted toward something else , like fps .

If there were any kind of market saturation for the genre , and if it truly was the reason why it fizzled out for a while , the same old , snk , capcom , arc system works , midway 2d franchises wouldnt have still been alive till today , or even produced new ips .

2D fighting is back among the masses because they complied to some of changes the masses required , like online , and either good 3d or good quality HD 2d , among other things .

STGuy10402970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I've always believed that 2D fighters had a place in modern gaming. Games like BlazBlue Continuum Shift prove that 2D can survive in today's 3D world when developed properly. I love my Tekken games, but nothing beats a beautifully drawn, well-polished 2D fighter like BBCS.

DNAbro2970d ago

Blazblue is just epic. One of the most original and entertaining fighting games this generation.

baodeus2969d ago

agree. I like the fact that each character is quite unique and you need to take time to practice them. Not like Street fighter where almost half of the casts shoots fire balls and doing dragon punch.

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