Konami Reveal New Screenshots From Debut Xbox 360 Kinect Title

In DanceMasters, the new technology of Kinect for Xbox 360 allows players to watch themselves play in real time on the screen and also allows them to save up to 2 of their original dance moves in order to watch themselves as back-up dancers in the game. As players boogie in tune to the game’s music, they can also take snapshots of their favorite dance poses, save to local albums and share the fun with friends.

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DA_SHREDDER2969d ago

Hey Konami. Where in the hell is our exclusive PSmove game? Oh I forget, you owe sugar daddy Microsoft some dome.

DelbertGrady2969d ago

I'm sure you will be treated to a port of the Wii version.

8-bit2969d ago

Stationary games and rail games are all you can do with Kinect, so you will be seeing different variations of the same kind of gameplay. Over and over again.

Dread2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

sony fanboys criticize lack of exclusives for the 360 and also criticize any company who wants to make an exclusive for the 360.. your r just hating on MS son.. FANBOY COFIRMED

On topic: I have yet to see any games that i am interested that use motion controls and/or kenect.

however, it seems that kenect is more suited for these types of games..Ms is clearly trying to expand their market from the hardcore to the casual.. I just hope they keep an even focus on both markets. My concern is that both Sony and Ms start following the steps of Nintendo, and become to casual oriented. So far Sony seems to be utilizing move for both markets, I have yet to c MS do it. Time will tell.

aceitman2969d ago

move or kinect games just like the wii . y because u cant do one or the other on mover vs kinect. this is the ddr game move and wii have. but its made for kinect and so far this is the only thing i see big for kinect is dance games ...this is like the 3rd or 4th dance game for kinect .

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Wh15ky2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

Fanboyism will never end
"not as long as they're shitting in our shoes and we're pissing in their bovril" - Billy Connolly

BTW, I'm not routing for fanboyism, just stating a fact.

Kurt Russell2969d ago

As long as there's teens/tweens and nerds - it'll continue.

punkpop1012969d ago

No, as long as there's stupid developers that make games for only 1 platform fanboys will exist.Imagine a world where the only console exsisted was the Wiiper PS360.

Wh15ky2969d ago

"Imagine a world where the only console exsisted was the Wiiper PS360."

That's a pretty crap world. No competition means bad news for consumers, you'd need more than 2 jobs to afford that console.

mcstorm2969d ago

I agree with you and it was getting like that the last 2 gens as sega were no where to be seen and sony where owning the market in terms of consoles and exclusives.
As much as the fan boys man about MS being in the console market they have kept the market alive as nintendo decided not to go up against the ps3 head on this time and it worked for them and sony were over charing for the ps3 and the online service was a mess.

If MS had not borough in XBL PSN would not be what it is today and the PS3 would not have half the features it has today too.

If it was not for Nintendo we would not have move or kinect coming into the market so having 3 consoles rather then 2 makes for a better experience for us all as they are all trying to out do each other time after time which if your a fan of gaming and not a fan boy is better for us.

HeroXIV2969d ago

Wow I'm so jealous of this title, really, I love flapping my body about to get high scores brah. Dude, I'm not joking, I LOVE it!

teedogg802969d ago

Not another dance game! WTF! It seems as though that's all Kinect has going for it.

divideby02969d ago

and you wonder why so many have 0 interest in Kin...
looking at stills for a motion or kin game just is silly
how the game works in action is the most impt. part for these type of games

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