Eurogamer: Rare dismisses Kinect space concern

Kinect Sports developer Rare has moved to quell concern over the amount of space required to use Xbox 360 add-on Kinect. The Microsoft-owned studio says gamers will need to stand back "a little bit", which should make Kinect useable in most living rooms.

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Omega43020d ago

So how many rumours have been debunked now?

No playing while seated, only 2 player support, no voice recognition, requires 15% of the 360's processing power and now needing 6 feet of space. Im sure I've missed some too lol.

Wh15ky3020d ago

But none of them have been debunked yet, all we've heard is PR nonsense, I'll wait and see the evidence with my own eyes before I believe the hype.

Agent-863019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Not only that, all the official "debunking" has been by MS spokesmen. These guys are BS specialists, so I agree that they need to be debunked by actual gamers and the gaming press. Sorry, but I can't believe their BS like Kinect having 1:1 tracking when you can see with your own eyes that its bunk.

outrageous3020d ago

Why would there be a debate??? Who would buy a game like MTV's Dance central or any " MOTION " controller game and not have at least 5-8 feet of space to use If you only have 4 feet of space in front of your Tv, then maybe you should save your money and buy a new house/condo/apartment first.

Agent-863019d ago

What?! Buy a new house so I can play crappy games.

Christopher3019d ago

If the game requires seeing your feet, you will indeed need to stand at least 6' away for the average person. No way getting around that, it's just simple geometry.

Now, if the game only requires your hand motions, then it doesn't require that much distance.

If the game requires seeing more than one person at once, you will also need to stand at least 6' away. Again, no way getting around geometry here.

fight4love3020d ago

rare should of quit when it was ahead.

Kurt Russell3020d ago

Conkers bad fur day would have been a great last horah. Only thing I hope from them now is KI3

unknownhero11233020d ago

yeah, don't hold your breath. The way Rare is heading now, KI is just an after thought.

3020d ago