Resolution: We Sing Encore review

Resolution's Jennifer Allen writes: Singing. It's a lot harder than it looks isn’t it? So many people think that they can do it well, but in reality, it’s quite a small number indeed. It doesn’t stop us all trying though. Especially on a Saturday night when the alcohol’s flowing and Summer of 69 comes on instantly reminding you of just how great life could be. Or is that just me?

Regardless of what I happen to get up to on a night out, We Sing Encore enables players to experience the drunken fun of singing to your heart’s content, all from the safety of your living room sofa. Of course alcohol is optional. During testing, while the group of friends who played it were downing many a cheeky glass of wine, I resisted in order to clearly remember my time playing it. So, even sober, I learnt that We Sing Encore is a hell of a lot of fun when played as part of a group.

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