Halo: Reach Legendary Edition: Exclusive Pictures of Contents

These pictures were taken on the 2nd of September, 12 days before the release date for Halo Reach. These pictures are the first look into the box!

The box includes a detailed journal in the pack along with downloadable content and the amazing and HUGE figurine. Absolutely stunning special edition! Read on for a closer look:

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3020d ago
Blacktric3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If any online retailer was shipping these outside of UK and primary European countries, I was going to get one. But unfortunately I have to make do with Limited Edition.

Edit: Keep in mind that Dr. Halsey's Journal is also coming with Limited Edition. Article doesn't have any information on that so you don't have to buy Legendary to get all those great sketches and information about Spartan Project and enemies.

tdogchristy903019d ago

The only upgrade from the limited to the legendary is the statue, aside from that it's all the same stuff.

Dorwrath3019d ago

And the flaming head if your into that sorta thing. There was also an avatar award mentioned in the unboxing video.

The BS Police3019d ago

The Legendary edition will also give Legendary edition owners access to exclusive video content.

ManBearPork3019d ago

They do ship it to alot of the countries in mainland europe.
I'm dutch and almost evrey single store sell it with prices ranging from from €115 to €150. I heard something about Germany not getting it but nothign about other countries.
I guess the only other european countries that might nog get it are smaller countries in eastern europe.

Blacktric3019d ago

I know but I'm living in Turkey. Actually, ShopTo was accepting preorders from Turkey with the TNT delivery option. They just requested extra 30 pounds for it and I was willing to pay that much for shipping. But because of some reason, they stopped accepting them and cancelled preorders. I even sent them an email saying I'd be willing to accept any kind of damaged or stolen product but they simply said; we can't ship outside of UK and some European countries. It'd be nice to have that statue.

JohnApocalypse3019d ago

It is kinda cool that the statues are hand made but still pretty useless

joypads3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

LEGENDARY halo & ULTIMATE xbox360 & ELITE xbox360 ...etc ? desperation causing them to use big words to hype inferior will never see SONY using silly desperate words like that WHY because they are confident of the high quality of their products & they have respect for their customers intelligence.

@ reckoner

not pathetic at all i just stated a TRUE FACT.not my problem you dont like it or are blinded with the love of M$ to see,notice or admit to it.

reckoner3019d ago

you people are pathetic.

bootstrapp3019d ago

It's good marketing. Legendary is the highest difficulty in the game, so it makes perfect sense to label their biggest game package similarly. Just like Uncharted 2 had a "Fortune Hunter" edition. Don't be so narrow.

actual_gamer3019d ago

If you think your superior console is so superior why do you need to keep coming onto these articles? Because you feel threatened? I don't spend time on ps3 articles because i don't give a crap, there's nothing interesting going on with your console which is why your here.

and "desperation"(haha) seems to be your lot's favorite word right now, it's called "catering to your audience" it's what good companies do, give variety.
Same principle as a theme. Was the recent Uncharted 2 dynamic theme a desperate move because U2 was an inferior product they needed to hype? and the reason you'll never see Sony doing something like this is because they want their console to look more like a home entertainment system or piece of AV equipment, fun doesn't factor into their decisions which is also why the XMB will forever be boring and sterile looking as they need people who buy it as a blu-ray player to understand how to use it, without being put off by anything game-related.

I don't know where you got "Ultimate" from either, the reason they use words like "Legendary" is because it's been the name of the highest difficulty setting of Halo for 10 years, bitch.

So in summation, YOU are the one that is desperate...and probably jealous too.

el zorro3019d ago

Come on, joypads, what's your problem? You come into every Halo article spewing a bunch of hate towards Halo.

If you don't like Halo, fine. But in that case you have no cause to go into Halo articles over and over again spreading negativity.

When will some of you wake up and realize that gaming is all about trying to enjoy life and that all consoles have something to offer. Make your choice about which console or consoles to own and then live peacefully with that decision. There is no need to try and convince everybody else that only your choice is the correct one.

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rakunado3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I'm wondering... if the figures come on the stand or separated? Would be cool if you can remove them. I was a little too scared to buy the legendary edition, since most figures/statues that come with games like Ac2, Darksiders, Street Fighter weren't that good. But if these halo figures look similar(or better) to the detail provided in the play arts versions I might regret not getting this. Anyone know?

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