PES 11 demo date – week early for PS+

M2G Writes:

Konami has dated the PES 2011 demo for September 15 on PC and PS3, with PS+ subscribers getting it a week earlier on September 8.

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goalweiser2967d ago

I look forward to getting my hands on this demo. I'm still probably going to pick up FIFA but I'll probably pick up a copy of Pro Evo if the demo impresses.

Ravage272967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

i want to try something different this year, and the new PES engine looks pretty impressive...but i just can't trust Konami anymore.

This might be the tipping point for me, between this and the upcoming KZ3 beta, PSN+ is looking really attractive now

qadsia1232967d ago

Something to look forward to with this crap if your a footy fan!

Baka-akaB2967d ago

I dont really agree with the idea that a demo should be exclusive a paid service even for a short time .

That is as wrong and ludicrous as paying to watch an ad or movie trailer .

paid services should look for exclusives and worthwhile content elsewhere

2967d ago
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