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NowGamer reviews Ninety Nine Nights on Xbox 360 - "To a western gamer it might seem like madness to clone the Dynasty Warriors (and other assorted Warriors) series, especially when it does such a prolific job of cloning itself. But Warriors games sell millions and millions of copies in Japan, so maybe it’s not that crazy. Except it’s a 360 exclusive and the 360 is yet to sell millions in Japan, and may never do so. So actually no, the Ninety-Nine Nights series doesn’t make any sense. It’s lunacy in C++ form. And to make matters worse, it’s not very good."

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blikz3020d ago

whispering* whispering* whispering*

kasasensei3020d ago

The first was shit, the second is, can't wait for the third!

splinter3020d ago

I actually rather like it.

kasasensei3020d ago

Oh man, don't you have anything better to enjoy?

FuturePerfect3020d ago

'pp' said this game would kill off the PS3 once :D

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The story is too old to be commented.