Koku Gamer - Metroid: Other M Review

Koku writes: "When Metroid: Other M was announced two years ago at E3, it sparked quite a bit of controversy by focusing more on story and giving Samus a voice, the first of Nintendo’s usually mute heroes. After a few years of letting Retro Studios command the series with the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime trilogy, series creator Yoshio Sakamoto has taken back control to produce an old-school style Metroid for a new generation of fans."

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Xander-RKoS2993d ago

I've never had the chance to play the other Metroid games except for the Prime series, and I loved everything about this game.

ChickeyCantor2993d ago

Then you will love Super and Fusion.

Venox20082993d ago

very true.. :) and yes, it's a must buy!! :)

Ziriux2993d ago

This is one of my favorite Metroid games to date. It's very well done.

EvilTwin2993d ago

Yep, another positive review...that barely gets any attention on here...and won't show up on metacritic or anything (I've seen a ton of 8, 8.5 and 9's show up on here that never get added in).

It seems like a lot of people heard "digital controls" and "Samus talks," and decided to just write this game off. Self fulfilling prophecy, I guess. If you make up your mind about a game before you get a chance to play it, you're setting yourself up to miss some great stuff. And Other M has copious amounts of great stuff in it.

As good as Prime or Super? No, not IMO. But it's in the next tier of Metroid titles, which is still better than 95% of other games out there.

Gr812993d ago

I don't think its as good as Prime or Super. But it is still a great game. However, those Metroid games are Classics.