Resident Evil 6 coming 'as rapidly as possible,' Devil May Cry 5 will have 'Western touch'

In an interview with Spanish website 3D Juegos, Capcom exec Keiji Inafune revealed that Resident Evil 6 is on its way post-haste, and that we'll have an announcement from Capcom shortly. We'll give the legendary designer the benefit of the doubt and assume that he isn't implying a game-compromising rush, but rather that RE6 is simply high-priority at Capcom:

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-MD-3060d ago

God I hope RE6 is good.

Montoya3060d ago

I hope "Western Touch" isn`t gonna make me hate DMC5.

qface643060d ago

ok here's what i have to say on the matter

A) they are gonna rush RE6 and it wont be what it could and should have been AKA RE5

B) im just gonna be honest here i think DMC5 is gonna sucketh the balls

3060d ago
UnSelf3060d ago

wth they mean by "western touch???"

i dont want no rednecks touching my devil

Redrum0593060d ago

Resident evil6--- please bring back zombies, make them fast if you have too just to keep your shooter concept.

DMC5--- i want it more like the first in terms of theme and story. dark, kreepy, bloody theme with actual demons instead of colorful monsters... please

ABizzel13060d ago

Devil May cry needs something, because part 4 was a step back from 3

Resident Evil 6 was good to me, if you played Resident Evil 4 and liked it I don't see how you couldn't like 5, although the horror has completely left the franchise.

Resi 6 needs horror added back in and, the ability to move and shoot.

kaveti66163060d ago

you know, qface, some people really loved resident evil 5 and might not appreciate you saying that re6 is what re5 should have been.

Fred-G-Sanford3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

People might not have liked the gameplay/storyline in Resident Evil 5, but one thing that everyone should agree on is how incredibly good it looked.

I'm running it on a high end PC with everything maxed out and it looks jaw-droppingly good.

Can't wait to see what RE6 looks like.

mikeslemonade3060d ago

I can't see RE6 doing any better because it's going to be multiplatform and when RE5 came out it already maxed out the 360. DMC4 came out earlier, so DMC5 has more potential to improve.

qface643060d ago

what are you talking about? when did i say that?

i said
"they are gonna rush RE6 and it wont be what it could and should have been AKA RE5"

meaning RE5 could have been so much more than what it was it had potential

my prediction is that RE6 will be like RE5 in the sense that it wont be what it could have been

badz1493060d ago

when Japanese devs talks about their games having the western touch! WTH? losing confidence in their own touch?

what I love about Japanese games are they usually provide something different than the usual gore and then there are the FPS from the west! I like my RPGs, J-style and love the classic RE and stylish DMC and many more games suiting the Japanese taste. they are just 'different' in their own way and THAT's what made them interesting. but at this rate of Capcom, RE will slowly becoming Gears and DMC...omg I don't even want to know about what this "western touch" they're talking about!

evrfighter3060d ago

western touch?

so its gonna be fps?

sikbeta3060d ago

Western Touch? that means for DMC:

Dante + steroids + more weapons + aliens

as for RE6:

more like the movies + more action - survival horror + more steroids for Chris or Jill

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TheLastGuardian3060d ago

You think RE5 was bad? The only thing I didn't like was that it was too much action and not enough scary. please approve guys, this is my first submission.

Montoya3060d ago

"The only thing I didn't like was that it was too much action and not enough scary."

Survival HORROR

Dead Space is the new RE as far as I`m concerned.

Rainstorm813060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

i dont know why you have 5 disagrees....RE5 is nowhere near the Survival Horror wasnt scary nor did it feel like i was fighting to survive....

It felt like CHris redfield was a super soldier and he was tasked at saving the world (Gears ne1? **western influence**) I mean what with the boulder punching? Steroids much?

Dead Space is more like RE 1,2,3 CV, 4 than RE5 will ever be....and thats utterly pathetic.

Hey Capcom said it themselves Dead Rising is the new RE.....and i have no clue what RE is supposed to be now

saint_john_paul_ii3060d ago

they turned RE5 into a shooter. not survival horror. epic fail.

OnlyTheTruth3060d ago

Resident Evil 4 did that first.

Rainstorm813060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

i disagree, RE4 was far more survival horror than RE5.

like when you were in the rain gettin attakcked by dogs, or when you fought the giant trolls which were a side note on RE5 (1 fight in a jeep?)

RE4 was scarier more survival atmosphere and an all around better game

Darkfocus3060d ago

Re4 still had horror elements though and it had far less ammo and health available then Re5.

OnlyTheTruth3060d ago

Whether or not Resident Evil 4 was a better game is irrelevant, that's not the point I was trying to make. "More survival horror" doesn't mean it was survival horror. In my 5 or so playthroughs of RE4, I never ran out of ammo once and I never had issues managing my health items or overall vitality. It is not a part of the survival horror genre. An action game with some horror elements? Sure, absolutely.

I would put Resident Evil 4's horror elements on par with something like Fallout 3. It exists, occasionally, but it isn't the focal point of the game. Your argument for Resident Evil 4 is something I'd equate with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It has RPG elements, but is it an RPG? Absolutely not. In the same regard, it's much more of an RPG than Grand Theft Auto IV, but again, not an RPG.

As for less health and ammo than Resident Evil 5... can't say I can agree. They're about equal. Resident Evil 5's inventory was also much smaller, so while in battle you had to juggle weapons with healing items more often. Neither of them are survival horror games. If you got scared playing Resident Evil 4, or found its atmosphere tense and terrifying, that's fine... but how much survival horror experience do you have?

sikbeta3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

RE4 was Great, it wasn't The Survival Horror, but the environment + the enemies and some other stuff created a "survival horror atmosphere"

Remember the chapter with Garrador or something like that (the thing with claws) in the "prison" when you had to shoot him in the back in order to kill him while you have to take care of Ashley who was totally useless

Or the f*cking regenerators that appeared in island chapters, when you need to find the scope to see the "plagas" in their bodies to kill those things, if don't, you have to shoot the hell with all your weapons cos the mofo always regenerated himself and try to bite you or punch you

or "IT", the thing you have to fight in the cages and kill before fight against Krauser

And so on, the Game was great, the weapon upgrading was great and fitted great cos it made you remember of RE2 when you need to find with Leon the parts to combine with the weapons, the bosses were great, the plot was kind of meh, but totally enjoyable...


If you take in consideration what makes a game more survival horror, using the same things all the time don't make the sequels more survival horror, RE3 with the Giant worm, RE:CV with the giant worm, the laboratory in RE3, the laboratory + hospital in RE3, the vaccine in RE2 for Sherry, the vaccine for Jill in RE3, the thing is Shinji Mikami said RE4 was going to surprise everyone that was whining about the sequels for become repetitive and some crap like that, RE4 came out after REmake and REø and some people and critics were shouting that the franchise was going downhill for this "repetitiveness", so he shut the mouth of those douches, cos RE4 delivered...

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UnSelf3060d ago

oh great now dante will have revolvers

and have a backstory to why his hair is white

TheLastGuardian3060d ago

I disagreed because of the first paragraph but you made me lol about the boulder punching thing. That was pretty crazy.

DarthMoose3060d ago

I agree, I love resident Evil but it has strayed far from its zombie roots and much missed fear factor, I still enjoyed RE5 but it just wasn't the same without both these elements, at least RE4 had some scary moments until you upgrade your weapons to really high levels and feel like an invincible badass, yet whatever they release next i'm sure I'll froth from the motuh with excitement.

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TrevorPhillips3060d ago

It's about time. I hope so too bro, i'm a huge Resident Evil fanatic but RE5 didn't impress me much as the old resident evil titles and RE4.

scofios3060d ago

RE6 and DMC 5 maybe a tgs surprise .
Devil May Cry 5 will have 'Western touch' than maybe the ninja theory rumors could be true .

jack_burt0n3060d ago

DMC going to a western dev >_<

OnlyTheTruth3060d ago

It worked out for Silent Hill.

Just kidding.

Run_bare3060d ago

That was kind of funny.. haha..

Agent Smith3060d ago

Honestly, take your time. You guys changed RE4 numerous times and while it took many years to create, the final product was awesome. (I don't hate RE5 but I want RE6 to evolve the third-person shooter like RE4 did.)

TheLastGuardian3060d ago

We'll give the legendary designer the benefit of the doubt and assume that he isn't implying a game-compromising rush, but rather that RE6 is simply high-priority at Capcom: - Tyler Wilde

Montoya3060d ago

With how this gen has gone, I`m assuming it means RUSH.

TrevorPhillips3060d ago

Hopefully they'll announce RE6 at PAX

Jeff-Ryan3060d ago

all the big japanese games are at.

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