New Vanquish video

Check out a new video of Vanquish.

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Lich1202966d ago

Yeah, I was really surprised by the game. I saw a vid a few month back and was not at all enticed. After that demo though, man I cant wait.

Valay2966d ago

It's so weird that Vanquish is almost here. I feel like it was just announced on GameTrailers TV. I think that was back in January, though.

scofios2966d ago

Mikami did you rike it ?
if the video had english subtitles that would be great .

Max Power2966d ago

What? No, "engrish" or "subtitres?" That last one isn't very clever or functional in the Japanese accent.

2966d ago
Shane Kim2966d ago

I was surprised. The demo is really awesome. Can't wait for the game.

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