IGN: MAG - PS Move Gameplay

"Zipper has given a nice peek into what shooters like MAG can do with the Move technology, and I'm looking forward to seeing where developers take it next."

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Cevapi883058d ago

either they need to learn how to play MAG or learn how to use the Move

Dramscus3058d ago

I think both.

I want move grr. I really think it will be fun to rock this game with.

Redrum0593058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

the player may not have been good, but the motion controls look tight and responsive (especialy when he fired at the 2 enemies) now im more interested in move. :)

Elwenil3058d ago

The main issue with Move is the fact that to control your direction when moving, you sort of have to bump the threshold near the sides of the screen. This sort of makes for an odd way of walking and turning and I'm sure many people will spend a lot of time doing strafing style sideways movements rather than bump the screen to turn. I almost wonder if it might not have been a better idea to put a analog stick on the Move controller just for movement and use the "pointing" of the controller strictly for aim with the reticle.

Dramscus3058d ago

just have to make the aiming boxes as small as possible. I saw some picks of the options menus for move it'll let you do that. Change the size of the aiming/motion box.

JoeReno3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

Im pretty sure at the end of that match the player recieved the Brown ribbon which you recieve when you play like sh!t

Elwenil3058d ago

Ah, I see what you are saying. That way the threshold closer to the center and the direction follows the reticle closer. I saw a few comments previously talking about changing the size of the "target box" but I didn't quite understand their meaning. If they are adjustable for all games that would be ideal and the different sizes would effectively adjust the "sensitivity" of how the movement follows the direction. Bubbles for the explanation, thanks!

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nycredude3058d ago

I tried not to gettoo hyped for the move but I can't take it anymore the more I see the more I want it. I am officially hyped.

raztad3058d ago

Man, I'm totally getting MOVE to play MAG.

Dude playing in the video sucksass, only wanted to throw grenades. Come on, we want to see the accuracy of the pointer. Glad at the very end he got two kills, the control looked very responsive and accurate.

Death24943058d ago

There is definitely some potential there. Especially when you think about playing with a Guncon peripheral. Looks like this is going to make shooters alot more intense and exciting.

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lokiroo4203058d ago

Dead twice before even pulling the trigger, wtf?


Hmm, they should get an experienced MAG Player.

rekof3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

I still don't understand why the hell do they detach aim sight from the center in fps games,.. Someone please explain,.. Makes no damn sense,..

It's cool for a single player I guess,.. More imersive,..

but damn,.. don't know how well it will work,.. Just give us option to lock it,.. and use move as a damn mouse or dualshock ,..

jack_burt0n3058d ago

i do like the golden eye factor tho

Games4M - Rob3058d ago

Because if it was locked to the centre of the screen then how would you do a 180 degree turn?

Think about it.

EskiJoe3058d ago

They could make the movement 2:1 meaning that when the Move controller moves 90 degrees IRL -> in the game it moves 180 degrees... But this also means that small movement would be amplified by a factor of 2. So it could be a very shacky experience...

darkdoom30003058d ago

Plus the move is really sensitive. Unlike the analog you can't just leave it.
If the camera was locked on the reticule then your view would be extremely shaky.

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