The New Value of Nintendo Wii… Is There Any?


Yesterday, many blogs released their reviews upon the interweb regarding the new Sony Playstation Move. With mostly positive reviews, it looks like Sony may have a real winner on hand that could possibly extend the lifespan of the PS3 for another 2 or more years. But with the Nintendo Wii already a staple in millions of families homes, and Microsoft’s Kinect right around the corner, is there room for all 3 of these devices to co-exist? I really don’t think so, and I think Nintendo is going to be the one that falls to the wayside.

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Nike2967d ago

I don't think a cosplay hit-whore site like Loot Ninja can comment about "values", much the value of the Wii.

CrazyForGames2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

alright lets be real here everyone the wii isn't gonna die off because of the move or kinnect anyone who actually believes that needs to lay off the crack pipe because that's just stupid

the wii is gonna keep selling its not gonna go anywhere anytime soon
that's just reality

smoothdude2967d ago

Wow, talk about someone who don't understand the technology, but the the PS3 Move is not as fast as the Wiimote. PS3 Move = PS3 using hardware to interpret the motions while the Wiimote = the controller interpreting the motions. From what I have been hearing from everyone the Wiimote is superior, and it doesn't have that stupid glow ball on the end. You can't say that the glow ball is something that hardcore gamers are going to want to play with all day. I have a PS3, but I need to see better games and implementation instead of Wii ports.

a08andan2967d ago

Why is there such a resistance against the "glowing ball"? It exists so it can make it easier for the PS Eye to track the controller in all condition, unless you have a portable sun in your back-pocket, since that would most likely be a little too bright. Its there because the RGB-inside wouldn't be as visible if the "ball" wasn't there.

callahan092967d ago

I don't intend this to be a personal attack, but I honestly have to say, smoothdude, that everything you just said is simply talking out of your ass. None of that is true. The Move is not as fast as the WiiMote because the WiiMote is tracked by itself while the Move is tracked "by hardware"? I don't even know what that means, but it sounds untrue. Both devices send a signal to the console and the console then interprets it. The WiiMote has accelerometers, and only has gyroscopes when in concjunction with a WiiMotion+. It sends the information from those sensors to the console which interprets the numbers to determine what action the user has taken. The Move controller does precisely the same thing. Then there's the light factor, wherein the WiiMote has infrared lights on top of or below your television set (the sensor bar), and the WiiMote has an infrared camera on the end of it which looks for those infrared lights, then sends the data on where it found it BACK to the Wii to interpret and place your pointer on the screen. We all know that the pointing functionality on the Wii is sub-par. It's wonky and it loses track of your position very easily and it definitely doesn't react well to people walking between your and the television. The Move on the other hand sends the light signal and the camera to receive it is on top of the television, connected via USB to the console. The Move's system of handling this is far more robust than the Wii's. The allows for more accuracy, more reliability, and yes people CAN walk between you and the TV and it won't force you to waggle the remote in the general direction of the screen at random until the pointer decides to appear on screen again the way you would have to with the Wii. There's more I could do to refute your points, but what's the point? Good day sir.

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Bleucrunch2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

My issue with the Wii is I got it for smash brothers brawl and I haven't turned it on in two years since just picks up dust in my home and I only keep it around because of the new Zelda that is coming out as well as any tales of game that releases for it....I don't see myself buying games for the Wii consistently.

Kos-Mos2967d ago

Then go back to killzone and halo and gears and gta. Those games are really worth playing. They are really mind-expanding.

-MD-2967d ago

Because a game needs to be "mind-expanding" to be good right?

Kos-Mos2966d ago

Ehm. Yes murder. Someway or another. Some games makes you more stupid playing.

gamingdroid2967d ago

The Wii has never been cheaper and includes a lot more now. For less than $200+tax, you get a whole system with arguably two really good games. None of the competitors can meet that.

Add a fantastic huge game library that has many budget priced games that again none of the competitors can compete with.

To top it off, Wii Motion Plus is pretty darn good.

Tell me again, how Wii lost it's value?

clank5432967d ago

I'm actually thinking about selling my wii and the games too. I just don't see how its applicable anymore. I only got my wii a few months ago, and it has honestly not gotten a gigantic amount of playtime. sure, Zelda and Mario are great, but theres nothing else that really interests me at all. I guess Kirby's Epic Yarn is coming up and donkey kong but I don't know if thats enough to keep me from selling it. The move is going to support hardcore games and I don't see the purpose of having both systems anymore. I thought the move was going to blow hard, but it turns out I was wrong.

ChronoJoe2967d ago

Why would he fake that. Why would anyone troll the Wii, it's not competing with the other two hardcore systems in terms of target audience... so I doubt it'd be because of fanboyism.

I think the Wii is cool though. It has about 10 absolutely fantastic games, but nothing aside those are worth playing unfortunately. (opinion) but the virtual console is nice as is bc comp with GC games. GC was the best console of last gen in my opinion.

pippoppow2967d ago

I think those Wii player who may want more than what the Wii offers may look to Sony for not only a more precise motion control setup but better visuals and games with higher production values geared not only for novice gamers but also the more experienced ones.

Sony Move is a combo of a motion controller and a camera. The best of all console motion controls rolled into one. A setup most likely the competition will have next gen but available now on the PS3.

PS3's Move will clearly be the best choice.

Seferoth752967d ago

"Sony Move is a combo of a motion controller and a camera"
OMG dude so is the Wii. JUst another example of my point about Move. The only people impressed by it are clueless to how it and the Wii actually work.

Oh and more accurate? I have to laugh at that because every video I have ever seen of it shows the exact opposite.

ethan2967d ago

Are you sure you aren't getting those videos mixed up with Kinect?

Hallmark Moment2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

No one's going to waste money on a Wii clone rip-off. People are going to buy the next evolution of motion. People are going to see Move like they seen Sixasxis motion compared to the Wiimote when Kinect comes out. Just give it up Sony's desperate move trying to jump on the Wii's hype train is a clear jump(step backwards)from claims of competing with Kinect due to fanboys and Sony realizing there will be no competing with Kinect. The 360 is already outselling the Wii worldwide/ NA and Kinect isn't even out yet. Hell Sony even downplayed Move's launch.

a08andan2967d ago


And you think jumping on a wagon that takes you to "Lets make all games on rails so we get some form of challenge and make people forget about the lag"-land is a better direction? If MS show me intuitive ways to play more hardcore games and proves that the lag is GONE, then I might consider buying an Xbox and Kinect. I currently do not own any console, but I am looking for a job (Just took a break from studying) and when I find one, I will buy myself a gaming set. Haven't decided yet if I'm gonna go for a ps3 or an Xbox 360. So far Microsoft haven't done anything to sway me in their direction, they need to vastly improve the Kinect and show some hardcore games + them not being on rails.

So far the ps3 and the Move appeals a lot more to me.

pippoppow2967d ago

Wow a delusional Wii fanatic. Wii has no camera and isn't as accurate or robust in it's motion controls. The sensor bar isn't a camera.

Lf_sIcKmAn2967d ago

I have a PS3 and Wii... and if you checked your facts... you should know that there is a camera on the wiimote that picks up the signals sent from the sensor bar... move is pretty much the same thing only backwards... move controller sends signal to the camera... but since the ps3 eye is a fully FUNCTIONAL camera it allows much more features to be used in games... and i can attest that the wii is VERY VERY precise... just try metroid prime 3 and youll see or yourself...

mrcash2967d ago

You can attest that motion on a few select games on the wii is very precise, I have a wii as well don't use it anymore haven't for a loooooooooooong time and while the motion sensing on it isn't bad its not as accurate as some of the vids I have seen about move. Many games on the wii have horrible motion sensing its the truth it was soooo bad they had to release motion plus and so it seems sony has really precise controls as to wether or not it will be successful is another story but it seems to work significantly better than the wii.

smoothdude2967d ago

He is saying the camera is in the controller.

Lf_sIcKmAn2967d ago

Im not defending a point... im just giving facts... wiimote has a camera built in... go crack one open... and true... most developers do a [email protected] hob and give terrible controls as a result...

pippoppow2967d ago

Your right . The Wii mote does have an IR camera. Hardly the same as the PSeye like you have stated though.

Wii's precision does works well enough.

While Move is an overall improvement on the Wii-mote blue print, as usual it comes down to the games. PS Move is more impressive tech wise and with Sony's 1st party studios and 3rd party support for games that cater to all tastes, it should do well. We'll see.

The thing is that also the Move being on PS3 will not only be in HD but may have 3D support as well eventually.

The Wii is more for the kids and casual party gamers. A good budget option.

For those seeking a Wii type experience but wanting more should keep an eye out for PS-Move happenings.

Kinect.... forgetaboutit!!

Lf_sIcKmAn2967d ago

I will be trying move... cause it seems fun... :)

turok2967d ago

"The Wii is more for the kids and casual party gamers. A good budget option."

I cant believe people still say that /facepalm.

I can never tell when one is a professional troll or a born natural.

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IrishYamato2967d ago

I dont think the Wii is dead because of the Move launch. The Wii could easily get more hardcore games to draw in more hardcore gamers. The Wii can change if it needs to. Kinect, however, is a limited device for now.

smoothdude2967d ago

Actually nintendo has said that it is now going after the hardcore crowd. If Sony and Microsoft continue with their casual approach to gaming, then Nintendo might win. I think the 3DS speaks volumes of how creative Nintendo is. As for Move it is a glorified Wiimote with a silly glowing ball at the end of it. I am not impressed.

mrcash2967d ago

lol might win, they are destryoing the competition.

Seferoth752967d ago

Conduit2, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Zelda Skyward Swords, GoldenEye, for me those are reasons enough. Of course Sony fans would have you believe that as soon as Move comes out all those games and more are just jumping right on over to PS3.
I just wonder why Sony fans are so desperate to convince people to buy a control scheme that was for kids and casuals just 2 years ago.It's not like FPS using Wii controls didnt exist then either so the whole "It's for hardcore games too." line of BS is just from kids who are clueless to what the console actually offers.

thebudgetgamer2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

you're a d-bag wii fanboy, but that doesn't mean i'm going to call everyone that owns a wii a douche because of you.

turok2967d ago

... that is how most fanboys are regardless of alliegiance towards Sony/MS/Ninty.