Top 20 RPGs of the Last Decade

RPGFan writes:

"What a decade the '00s was! For RPGs, it was ten years of transition, featuring the rise and fall of the Playstation 2: the genre's most dominant system to date, and in its later years, a big upswing in the popularity of Western RPGs. In addition, as gaming hardware grew more powerful, many games started stepping outside of the rigid genre boundaries of the past, adding "RPG elements" to their gameplay.

Of course, change is not necessarily a bad thing. RPGFan reviewed 643 games released between 1/1/2000 and 12/31/2009, and there are more than enough great games to keep you busy year round, no matter what flavor of RPG you prefer. Beyond great games, though, are the classics: the games on our Top 20 list. Every one of them comes with RPGFan's stamp of love, not just approval."

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-Ikon-2965d ago

Good list DS should be higher but this is a very respected site..

JoySticksFTW2965d ago

demons souls

and ME2 and Oblivion and FFVIII (yeah, I said FF8 NOT FF7) and FFX

FFVI's is still my favorite though :)

2965d ago
BldyShdw2965d ago

Love ALL of those games. (RPG Whore)

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The story is too old to be commented.