Why Japanese Developers Need New IPs Part 2

Gaming Union: "Last time we covered what exactly is wrong in the mainstream Japanese gaming industry. The oversaturation of RPGs, longstanding titles that change very little, and of course the terrible attempts at reaching Western consumers certainly don't help much. There's really no reason for these developers (or publishers) to be so afraid of moving their products overseas, in fact there are a lot of great reasons to do so. The market is not only ready for Japan to take the lead again, they're almost begging for it. How do I figure? Allow me to explain."

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ShawnCollier2966d ago

Epic Muscle March picture is epic. :p

Hardedge2966d ago

I wonder what would happen if Square Enix just named all their Final Fantasies something different. It seems that depending on its name for advertising has given fans a certain preconceived notion that it should "stick to its roots" when FF has clearly been a franchise about new and different approaches to the RPG genre in regards to game mechanics.

mephman2966d ago

Well, games like Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time would have probably flopped even more if Final Fantasy wasn't in the name. Just look at Sigma Harmonics.

Anime-Vixen2966d ago

I think the japanese need to stop trying to appeal to western gamers. I hate when japanese developers say that! They just need to keep doing what they doing. Don't try to appeal to us.

catch2966d ago

I agree the market is already loaded with "western" style games. Part of what made so many Japanese games great was how different they were. This will only lead to more of the same from all developers which isn't good for anyone.

Montoya2966d ago

Japan has made some of the best games of this gen. From MGS4 and Demon Souls to GT5. What?

guzman2966d ago

Great write up and I thoroughly agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.