IGN: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has the best battle system in the series and one of the most ambitious storytelling devices yet; the game's few issues aren't enough to spoil the fun. With three characters to choose from, plenty of fun mini-games and a rich combat experience, Birth by Sleep comes highly recommended.

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no_more_heroes2967d ago

God, I wish I had a psp for this...

Lord_Ranos2967d ago

Well I already have mine, its the best portable gaming device if you want games on the go.

KratosGirI2967d ago

If you're gonna get a PSP for this game, don't go with pun intended...Go.

PshycoNinja2967d ago

that sucks for Go owners.

gamingisnotacrime2967d ago

pushed me into selling my go, i m getting the gow bundle. i want a console to play games and when the games are not available is just unacceptable

ReservoirDog3162967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Buy one then!

(not advertising, just saying)

I know I'm getting this day 1. Can't wait.

Exquisik2967d ago

I have the red GoW PSP and imo, it's one of the best PSP on the market. I'm glad I got one on the first day it came out.

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PshycoNinja2967d ago

Its almost here I cannot wait anymore.

IrishYamato2967d ago

Can you use the three characters in battle like the PS2 games or do you have to fight using a single person for the whole game?.

Naughty Dog2967d ago

I don't think so. From what I understand it's 3 separate stories with the characters being separated but there's encounters and another 1 character will join you in certain parts of the Story, for example Mikey will fight along side you in a boss battle.

can't wait to play, already have the collectors edition pre-ordered.

gano2967d ago

i really really wanted this for the go.
but regardless this a day one for me.
now if they do a psp go ver of 3rd birthday.....
stupid squares

DRiX2967d ago

Definitely going to check this out.

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The story is too old to be commented.