Halo Reach Developer Chat Live Now

The developers of Halo: Reach are doing a live online chat on Bestbuy’s forum right now.

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SixZeroFour2967d ago

i was in there and i asked a question somewhat important question

SixZeroFour: confirm or deny, your next game with activision is a completely new ip, not a previous ip coming into next gen (ie myth, or marathon)

BrianJd: confirm
Guest-206: Are you guys considering having your future games be available on the PS3?

BrianJd: We're taking our next project multiplatform.
RasAlGhul1423: Are we going to be able to tranfer all the stuff we got on the beta to the game when it comes out, and How can I get a 4xl Tall Halo Reach t-shirt, and I have to say Halo is the best FPS (well when you guys make it, I have a feeling microsoft is going to mess up that)

BrianJd: No. Everyone starts fresh. (even people who are already playing by one means or another - we're wiping it out, all of it)

2967d ago