Things Older Gamers Like To Moan About "The gaming world has changed: videogames come on small, shiny things called CD's. A small child thousands of miles away in Korea can whip your ass at Starcraft II. Resident Evil is now considered to have bad voice acting. HD graphics have rendered the outside world obsolete. Hardcore gamers love EA and hate Activision. Yes, sir, the world has changed, and you can either nobly roll with the punches and embrace the future or sit in your favourite comfy, moth-bitten chair and bitch, bitch, bitch. These are some of the topics in gaming today that make old people feel cold and frightened."

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vickers5002968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Online Competitive Multiplayer (which is a reasonable complaint for some games *cough* Arkham City *cough*)

Sanrin2968d ago

Id complain that its not in enough games!

Christopher2968d ago

As an older gamer, I'm insulted by this article. What real gamer would need to be explained this crap, let alone some of it being only part of the answer?

I can guarantee that it's the younger gamers that complain about DLC and similar elements. The older crowd tend to be able to afford it or just not care about it.

mephman2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

You can guarantee it?

I personally hate what DLC stands for, especially when publishers approach it like Capcom do.

Obviously the person who disagreed likes being charged extra money for content that's already on a disc. Each to their own.

guitarded772968d ago

100% agree... bubbles for you.

Sanrin2968d ago

Sorry, I dont really like being charged extra for content that's on my disc. Some other stuff I'm fine with though.

Darkfiber2968d ago

DLC is terrible, old or young. It's not about the money, it's about the principle of it.

Honestly, sometimes you end up paying as much for 3 hours of DLC as you did for the original 20 hour game. It's ridiculous. If anything it should be older gamers who are annoyed by this because it's a new thing that didn't exist before. Nickel and diming you for an hour of gameplay here and an hour of gameplay there. What happened to the good old days of 40 hour expansions for $19.99? Now it's 1 hour DLC for $10, every few weeks. I'd say younger gamers don't care because all they see is shiny and new and they need need need everything, and usually get their parents to pay for it. Or if they pay for it themselves, they don't really care since they have no bills or responsibilities either way.

Anorexorcist2968d ago

The only people who b*tch and complain about additional DLC and the people who just play through a game and have no interest in the continuation of an IP's story through DLC and even as precursor to it's sequel. (like Assassin's Creed 2) are the same people who rely on Mommy and Daddy to fund their total experience in gaming.

zootang2968d ago

I think people want it on the disc included in the price? That's not a hard ask is it?

SilentNegotiator2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I'm an employed gamer. That doesn't mean that I waste money on Map packs and songs and content keys.
DLC has gone overboard.

You can guarantee it?
Am I gonna like the way I look?!

In fact, I can guarantee that it's the OLDER gamers that complain; Our parents aren't the ones who pay for it.

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Immortal3212968d ago

it seems back then, it was all about gaming and gamers want. It seem they didn't care about sales or special features. All that matter were, if you enjoyed the game, you made the right decision.

Then gaming grew and became more life like, for deeper immersion.

now I have one question, how did gaming become to this?
-bias journalism
-hypocritical fanboys
-"I'm better because I have more consoles."
-double standards

where did we go wrong?
did we grew out of gaming and now understand what the old generation was talking about?

back in my days, it was all about story, and if you didn't beat the game you fell under the ranks.(school days)

Selyah2968d ago

Pretty much everyone moans for some reason or other about something it seems, even that in itself is more or less a moan.

Hardedge2968d ago

Heh, that was a pretty amusing read.

rakunado2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Right I guess this is how young gamers view us as.

What the hell?

FPS game...? Hmmm... its like when they compare every fps game to us its got to be like wolfenstein or doom for that matter. Lets just forget about the NOLF's, Thiefs, Deus Ex and the System Shocks... and others that paved the way for this era.

Anyway what I moan about is just the lack of simulators now. Been awhile since I have seen a worthy simulator game made by some first party software company.

Also why on earth do we complain about DLC when we make money and can just click and purchase new stuff without having to go to the store and buy an expansion pack? This is a godsend.

LOLZ at little kid writing an article he really knows nothing about.

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