PlayStation Store in Japan Received a Slight Makeover

In addition to this week’s update of the PlayStation Store in Japan, the storefront has received a slight makeover that makes the PlayStation Store more user friendly.

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ShadyDevil2968d ago

Maybe we will get an update again soon as well?

mushroomwig2968d ago

I bet this feature won't appear in my region, ugh...

The differences between the three regions really bug me.If you have a Japanese account you have the ability to change your username (not your actual screen name but your nickname) yet that feature doesn't appear anywhere else. Not to mention that there are multiple demos/themes/avatars that appear in some regions but not others.

KratosGirI2968d ago



Motorola2968d ago

Can never have enough spyro...unless its that PS2 abomination of it

DarkFantasy2968d ago

Spyro 1,2 and 3 where good :P i gotta say 2 was my favorite

Anime-Vixen2968d ago

It not a huge difference but it looks nice. I definitely would like to see an update for the other PSN stores!

jack_burt0n2968d ago

Not being able to buy all my stuff off the HK store is my biggest gripe, all the games used to be at least 35% cheaper and not to mention getting all the king of fighters and japaese shooters i ever wanted.

boo to region locking credit cards.

The Great Melon2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Rather change the storefront, I would hope that Sony reorganizes some regions' stores. The US store more or less has a logical layout with access to the largest categories on the left. Other regions lack this sort of organization and you really have to dig for stuff.

Looking at the new design I really don't think that it looks like much of an improvement. The new layout for the Japanese store reminded me of an article that I was reading about the layout of Japanese websites. The Japanese seem to pummel the reader with information giving many websites a cluttered look. I guess its somehow a cultural thing.

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