NBA 2K11 Developer Insights: My Career w/ Video

"This is Erick Boenisch again, Producer for NBA 2K11 although many of you may know me by my forum name, SimBaller. I spoke a few weeks back about MJ: Creating a Legend. I’m here today to talk to you about the My Player mode and some of the exciting changes we have made to it this year. NBA 2K10 saw the birth of My Player, the first true career mode experience ever for the NBA 2K series. With one year of this mode under our belts, we’ve learned quite a bit; things like what works, what doesn’t work, and what you all want to see in the mode this year. Enough chatter, let’s dive into what NBA 2K11’s My Player is all about…"

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freezola752969d ago

to bring 24/7 elements back! Ok I'm a bit stoked... I just wanna see them intergrate it into the 2K11 game modes more. Like I wanna get my baller up to a certain rank where he would be eligible to compete in the 3pt shootout and dunk contest!