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albel_nox3021d ago

This looks awesome! Obsidian disappointed me with Alpha Protocol but I have high hopes for this one. I'm a huge fan of Square Enix so hopefully they can add an awesome WRPG to their belt.

pedrami913020d ago

But i think im gonna need to see some more before i decide wether to get it or not.

schlanz3020d ago

But it will have to come out before Diablo 3 for me to care. If it does, it looks good enough to hold me over til then.

alphakennybody3020d ago

looking good, Liked the first one a lot haven't played the second one yet but this looks very promising.

beardpapa3020d ago

Sweet! Loved DS and DS2. The gameplay ooks better and more badass than Diablo3.

beardpapa3020d ago

[email protected] the blizz fanbabies disagreeing. Diablo 3 looks great but those videos they have up on the site pale in comparison to the gameplay vid above. Show me a current vid of Diablo 3 that has badass looking gameplay like in the vid above. =P

Zinc3020d ago

I thought Dungeon Siege was made by Gas Powered Games? I must have tripped and fell into a wormhole or something. Oh well, I'm fairly sure this will be a pretty good offering. But, I kind of thought the second game was rather bland.

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The story is too old to be commented.