OXCGN’s Castlevania: Harmony of Despair XBLA Review


"To be honest the only Castlevania game I ever played was Castlevania 64 back in the days on the good old Nintendo 64 when I was a child. Venturing through the mist of the first few levels brought fear to my body even though I was playing the game in the broad daylight.

So forgive me for saying that come Castlevania HD I was expecting no shortage of zombies, vampires, bats and frustrating gaming moments where all hope is lost and my controller just gets flung towards the TV, hoping this short burst of fury will somehow give me the strength to defeats the forces of evil.

And that’s exactly what I got, except in 2D!"

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XboxOZ3602995d ago

sorry, just not into the whole castlevania thing, so it's not one high on my list -

gaminoz2995d ago

I loved the N64 Castlevania despite the criticism! It had awesome atmosphere. I'll never forget the chainsaw guy in the maze...But I really don't like the difficulty of the side-scrolling versions.

Belgavion2995d ago

Enjoyed the trial of this but it just came out at a time when there's too much else to play