Duped Again By Microsoft

Guerrilla Play Writes: With this latest news of the Xbox Live subscription fee going up $10 annually in November it really struck a cord with me and has me second guessing what direction Microsoft and its Xbox brand is going. It seems of late, any news about the Xbox 360 has been negative or disheartening.

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Agent_Cody_Banks2971d ago

Negative news about 360 is not disheartening! Right, my Sony brothers?

big_silky2971d ago

Who said that!? Whose the slimy little twinkletoes.... that just signed their own death warrant!?

Bobbykotickrulesz2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Your name is Agent Cody Banks.

We aren't brothers. Get the hell out of here.


Human? lol so you're an alien now too? And as a side note, I'm not a Sony gamer. I'm just a gamer in general.

Tony-A2971d ago

Full Metal Jacket.

If you look up "damn good movie" under the dictionary, it will pop up.

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Agent_Cody_Banks2971d ago

Quiet human, you aren't even a Sony gamer.

omi25p2971d ago Show
big_silky2971d ago

I'm tired of the constant bitch bitch bitch. Don't like it? Don't pay for it. Nobody holds a gun to your head and forces you to play online games.

yewles12971d ago

Exactly. People still cry about it, yet they wind up paying anyway. Instead of singing it, guys, BRING IT!!!

sak5002971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )


And nobody wants to pay for extra bloatware they are putting on the interface which nobody uses like fb, twit etc especially when u're not in either usa or uk so why the fk should we also pay for netflix, fm , sky when it's not even working in other countries? I use my 360 to play games not do what i can do freely on my nb or desktop or on my HDmedia player which supports mkv,rmv and every format out there.

I want to play single and mp games on 360 and even it they charge for online mp they should make it one with frils (krap) and other just MP and chat etc.

There are more bitter comments on major neilson's site and hardly few which are in favor which really sound like ms employees disguised as players. So hopefully ms gets the msg, i anyways hv just couple of days back bought sub till oct 2011 without even reading the news first. but come next year i will consider my options.

Unicron2971d ago

Well said. The problem is a lot of people just want to play games online, but there is no option for that.

+ Bubbs.

CobraKai2971d ago

I wish there was a basic option to play online and download demos for a much much cheaper price(if not free like Sony). M$ can keep all that fancy extra stuff I can already do on a PC.

Why o why2971d ago

fair comment sak. People have been saying this for a while not just psn fanatics yet others like our friend above will defend till the end. Im glad you can speak out against what you and many others consider to be the better online network as nothing is perfect. It makes a change. +1

scofios2971d ago

You are right it's your wallet who's getting raped not ours .

Eddie201012971d ago

Everyone who owns an Xbox 360 and does not like the price hike have a wright to be upset and voice there opinions. Why? Because with Xbox 360 you can not play the games you paid for online without paying for Xbox live gold. You have no choice if you want to play your games online.

badz1492971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

"Nobody holds a gun to your head and forces you to play online games." - there is when you buy most games nowadays and you can't have all the contents especially the online MP portion if you don't pay for gold!

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Troll_Police2971d ago

I guess some people like getting duped.

SKUD2971d ago

Yes they do. Its only going to get more expensive.

jdktech20102971d ago

Oh boy, this again....seriously folks we understand you think MS is evil and we're all idiots who have Live....we don't need 5 news posts a day about it thanks and have a pleasant tomorrow

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