Square Enix on next gen

Yoichi Wada talks to Gamespot about the next-gen consoles and hints at a new Square Enix project to.....

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BIadestarX5392d ago

Please no more hardware! I think all companies should get together and get the ultimate console; so all gamers have to worry about is games. Of course this will never happen; since Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft make money out publishing rights royalty.

Marriot VP5391d ago

i'm gonna help you out, you want the console makers to form one ultimate console. There's a big point your missing here. Without competition there's NO PROGRESS. Look at EA's sport titles, then look at the ipod that's prices are insane after years of success but since no serious competition they can exploit the consumer.

Trust me your probably young and this is something you would of figured out eventually. Don't sweat it.

jinn4754d ago

must support the 360