Kinect Video Physics Tech Demo

From gametrailers
"We test the capabilities of Kinect's motion detection software."

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GVON2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Couldn't find if it's been submitted already,so I put it up anyway.Apologies if it's already on here.

Joule2970d ago

Why are their avatars girls?

Chubear2970d ago

So many "well BAM!" moments in that vid. Awesome stuff

deadpoole2970d ago Show
WhittO2970d ago

Lol wow those avatars were glitching so bad!

I hope people see Kinect for what it is and realise MS has edited all of the adverts and "Live" Demos to make it look like it actually works.

darthv722970d ago

tech demos are cool to watch. They show how something 'could' work not always the exact representation of the finished product.

I agree on the pr stuff. That e3 presentation where the kid scans the skateboard in was impressive at first but very produced at the same time. They should state if what is being seen is or is not representative of the actual game.

Heck, even sony got flak for the first kz2 vids but they came close with the finished product. I wouldnt be surprised if kinect can deliver on what it had been represented at first. The question is...when.

0mega42970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

& can kinect not tell that your a dude?

did you guys she how sketchy the tracking was when they were doing fast moments

number472970d ago

GG delivered the game with the best console visuals known to man.

Microsoft shows off fake videos of kinect working, and tries to sell pre-orders based on the fake Jedi videos. Big Difference here isnt it?

It would be fine if MS could deliver on the promises of kinect.

GG showed off betas of Killzone2 showing it cleared the console visual bar

MS and Kinect?


beardpapa2970d ago

I was actually wondering why this is titled a physics tech demo.

Lou-Cipher2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

What we were just shown by this Kinect tech demo was that Kinect does not track your body very well.

If Kinect does not track your body at all times with precision, it will only be able to make games that dont work 100% of the time.

That tech demo just proved that their is no game or quality developer that can save Kinect, It simply doesn't work. The technology is extremely flawed, and if it doesn't react to your body the way you want it to every single time, it just wont work in gaming.

Imagine playing Halo, and the trigger button only woks for you 50% of the time. Who would play Halo then?

Tech demos are the ultimate representation of what a product is capable of, and this Tech demo is just more proof on why Kinect is a piece of garbage tech should be abandoned faster than the Eye Toy.

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WhittO2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Its true it is just a tech demo, but you don't see that number of glitches in the Move tech demo! Barely any tbh.

From what we have seen the games themselves glitch just as much as that, they do have couple months to iron stuff out though..

Army_of_Darkness2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

kinect never fails to "amuse" me... even with their tech demo with their glitched infested female avatars LOL!

Now Move tech demos on the otherhand... Very "impressive";)

@ bulletproofvess "did you guys she how sketchy the tracking was" when I read that line and noticed your spelling of "she" instead of "see", I LOL!!!

Bigpappy2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Rare said the old avatar didn't work well when trying to to imitate human motions. But ofcourse you are wellcome to ignore my comment and go have some fun with this.

I expect to see some problems with Kiinect when it is released, but I don't believe this will be one of them.

If you want to know the truth, here is a link:


Lou-Cipher2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

The avatars are not the problem. Rare can change the avatars all they want, it's not going to fix Kinect's problems. Kinect does not work most of the time, that is a technology problem, not an unrealistic avatar problem.

Kinect cannot recognise the human body as well as Microsoft wants you to believe. The tech sucks, and their is nothing any game maker can do until Microsoft gets a camera that works 100% of the time.

Why are there people that still insist on making excuses for Kinect?

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PshycoNinja2970d ago ShowReplies(1)
Megaton2970d ago ShowReplies(1)
PshycoNinja2970d ago

I'm just giving my opinion. From this video the hardware looks broken. It seriously needs more time for R&D. I see that xbox owners didn't like what I said.

Christopher2970d ago

The skeleton tracking got really bad when they started moving around more.

The depth detection works great, though!

outrageous2970d ago

Kinect is the most advanced peripheral ever made. Full body motion will be a genre unto itself. I just don't see how the Wii and the Wii HD rip off Sony move can compete with Kinect.

Leave it to M$ to innovate in ways the others can only dream about. Well played M$...Halo Reach, Fable 3 and Kinect will drive 360 sales through the roof this holiday.

Pillville2969d ago

You see, it used to be the xbox trolls could KIND OF get away with saying things like that, and some people might think "well, maybe he really does feel that way".

But really, the trolling now is in no way funny or aggravating. We can now see that you're just some turd at a keyboard, trying to think of stupid things to say to annoy the other fanboys.

You need to take trolling 101 and learn that you can't compliment and glorify a totally failed tech demo. Trolling 101 would teach you to stay away from these articles and wait for something that shows a slight glimmer of hope for Kinect THEN troll all you want.

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HeroXIV2970d ago

Wow, I honestly thought all these kinks were worked out after the whole "BAM there it is" issue but... apparently not. O_O

Shadow Flare2970d ago

Wow. BAM, there it is, again! As if that's 1:1! If that avatar were a human, it would be a paralysed heap on the floor through breaking every bone in it's body. Loved the part where the avatar shoved it's own arm through it's body. This is a joke, I thought they would have fixed this by now? They've only had 2 years to do it. I don't think skittles is gonna be too happy when the avatar punches his heart out if his chest

Agent_Cody_Banks2970d ago

Looks like something from Tim and Eric. I'm pretty sure this tech was created by Cinco.

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