Amazing Super Street Fighter IV "no damage" videos

From Paul Gale Network: "What’s a no damage video? That’s when two players are fighting, back and forth, and nobody takes damage the whole time. True, it’s orchestrated, but it’s still really cool seeing so much flash occur onscreen, without anyone ever dipping into the red."

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MasterChief36242967d ago

It's pretty fun to watch, but as for the "no damage" part of it... There were several times that one of them took damage. So that's unfortunate. But those few times out of the bajillion other times where they didn't take any damage aren't enough to make me write off the video. Not even close.

Some really fun videos :)

RobinGB2967d ago

I know there's no way I could do that!

MidnightGamer92967d ago

Ooooh this gets me looking forward to SF vs Tekken! =)

hannibus2967d ago

I didn't know that there were two videos because this one was already imbedded. After I got flored by this one I went to the site and theres a second that's even cooler.

I raise you one extra crap of holiness lol.

Gambit072967d ago

Some people have too much time.

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The story is too old to be commented.