A Proposition for Sony: Worldwide Playstation Store

DualShockers writes, "What do you think? Do you think it would be an interesting proposition for Sony to merge all the regional PlayStation Stores into one for ease of use? Along with that, do you think they should allow multiple PSN accounts on the PSP, just like they do on the PS3? In my opinion, there is a lot that Sony can do to improve this whole experience. If they are going to not require region locking on their systems – and don’t get me wrong, I’m infinitely grateful that they don’t – they should provide easier access to game downloads from other regions. Then we can all be one big, happy, global family of Sony minions."

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Chadness3021d ago

This would certainly make purchasing and importing download games (like PS1 classics or PSP titles) a lot easier. Plus, it would afford them the opportunity to make more money possibly. I'm just not sure why they haven't done this yet. Different front ends, same content - worldwide.

HeroXIV3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I know why, it's been said numerous times on the EU PlayStation blog that they don't do it because every country has different laws. Old games require re-rating which is why, idiotically, Square Enix roll out the PS1 games VERY slowly. I mean you'd think FFVII would be on the store from day 1 wouldn't you? But they only got round to it LAST YEAR! Same with MGS. :(

These laws also apply to videos and new games.

Chadness3021d ago

If this was the case, I would think it shouldn't even be allowed to create a Japanese PSN account from a North American IP address, to download games that haven't been rated by the U.S.'s ESRB.

WildArmed3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Actually Hero is right.
They can't do a worldwide PStore yet (Sony has actually mentioned that they tried to do so) because of the different policies of different countries.

The fact you made a JP account on ur ps3 doesn't change the fact that all the content of the JP pstore went through the correct channels (one of the reasons why you aren't downladin it from the US store) to get online. (legally)

Cevapi883021d ago

close to 30 million people on the same network...that puts a lot of strain on servers and costs more least this is what i believe to be the reasoning behind separate stores, plus the business behind what is popular in each market

ravinash3021d ago

If there was a legal reason why a game could not be sold in a particular country, I'm sure they could setup the system to hide the link on the store for that country only.
There are tons of video and other media I used to get from the US site like clips from each of the event shows that for some reason don't make it to the UK store.

Christopher3021d ago

Won't happen. Laws of the various locations pretty much requires they keep them separate. Trust me, I'd love for the EU programmers to get some control over the NA site and stores. They seem to have more talent than our folks.

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iiprotocolii3021d ago

I think this makes sense considering the amount of people, internationally, that continuously create "cross-accounts" to purchase or download items/games/demos from other regional PSN stores. Moving forward, I think that Sony should definitely consider something along these lines to unify the PSN experience, rather than having people create multiple PSN accounts to access another region's PSN store.

NYC_Gamer3021d ago

might as well since users make accounts for every region

thevokillist3021d ago

If Sony merged all Stores into one, making it Region Free, I think that I would probably be a happy boy. It's definitely a great idea, but I don't see it happening given some of the games featured on either the Japanese Store or the UK Store don't have a good fanbase in north america. Which is probably why they haven't done this yet. But, it would be a cool feature to have.

booni33021d ago

i think thats an incredible idea, it would bring a wealth of content to the US and japan would also get a lot of content from over here. great idea.

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