GamesRadar: Call of Duty: Black Ops - Everything You Need to Know about the New Multiplayer

While this is the developer's most Modern Warfare-esque offering to date, Black Ops manages to distinguish itself, most notably with the introduction of Wager Modes, in which players can put their money where their trash talking mouths are. From the rampant customization options to the unique new Killstreaks, Black Ops is shaping up to be a worthy entry in the Call of Duty canon.

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4pocalyps32995d ago

I'm pretty burnt out on the CoD series. So I'll mainly be purchasing this game for the zombie mode (which I hope they will include) thus the reason I'll be getting it for PC. The mods for this should be pretty awesome. I liked the mods on the PC version of WaW, so this should be, hopefully, just as good.

Anorexorcist2995d ago

"Plug another man and you’ll get a more powerful weapon like an MP5K, but to keep things fresh the armory is mixed up each time you play Gun Game. Oh, and like the blue shell in Mario Kart, if you whack a guy with a thrown tomahawk, they’ll lose all their weapons and regress back to the knife. Ouch."

That sounds like an anti-noob measure for COD: Black OPS, but I don't know. Killzone 3 still appears to be the hardcore gamer's choice for non-Mickey Mouse/pro-balls type competitive gameplay!

jdktech20102995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I've never played KZ2 so I can't comment on the series. I do know that this COD "appears" to be trying to bring skill back into the equation at least a little bit, which is nice. I'm not sure if that will bring my k/d up or down but yea.

I don't know about the COD series...sometimes I love MW2 and sometimes I despise that da*n game....sometimes this switch occurs in the middle of a match for crying out loud. I've just gotta decide if BO is worth 40 dollars or not (price after credits from Reach)....I mean I've gotten 42 hours out of a game that frustrates me to no end sometimes...this couldn't be worse than that so maybe it is worth it? Darn hype, I hate it

StanLee2995d ago

Man, I really hope a community gets behind Killzone 3. By April, barely anyone was playing Killzone 2 and I had to change my search options to Worldwide to find a match. There were 96 total games! In April! The game came out that February!!!

Anorexorcist2995d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Well sh*t, we are already in September 2010, and in the same month where I have participated (or at least seen) in at least 2000+ games in the Killzone 2 lobby.

IDK, maybe you have a bad connection or something.

2994d ago