L.A. Noire gameplay 'revolutionary, never before seen in the industry'

TVGB: "The recent confirmation of L.A. Noire’s delay into the first half of 2011 has prompted Take-Two to talk up the game a bit. Justa bit."

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NYC_Gamer2966d ago

how about they show us some gameplay?

Hydrolex2966d ago

To be honest, all Rockstar games are all succesful in any terms... Love Rockstar ! They put effort and they take time to make a game, not a noob company selling GRASS to xbox 360 fans lol ;))

RDR was underhyped

il-mouzer2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

underhyped? what? dude all game reviewers did was praise RDR. I don't think you need the grass 360 gamers where given since you're already living in a world of your own

Hydrolex2966d ago

What a Misleading title from the source ! Need attention ?

Cevapi882966d ago

if the game can pull off an L.A. Confidential feel, then i'll agree with his statement

Cevapi882966d ago

someone doesnt like L.A. Confidential? all i have to say is WOW

kaveti66162966d ago

I hated that movie. Miller's Crossing, all the way.

Cevapi882966d ago

problem is la noire doesnt fit in the prohibition era as far as i know from reading info on the game...millers crossing is a classic, but to each their own, the star power in 'confidential' alone made me excited to see the movie when i first saw a preview for it

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2966d ago

I'm done with RockStar and their over hyped BS.

ZombieAutopsy2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

RockStar is only publishing it, Team Bondi is making it.

Natsu X FairyTail2966d ago

AKA it's not exclusive to PS3 anymore so Im mad.

Roonie2966d ago

It's now comming to 360 so I would no longer bash the game like I used too.

XabiTheHumble2966d ago

Agent is coming out as a ps3 exclusive so why would ps3 owners be mad?

N4PS3Fanboys2966d ago

1. "L.A. Noire will not be coming to the 360. It is only possible on the PS3"

2. "The two DLC packs for GTA IV will remain exclusive to the 360"

3. "Agent will not be coming to the 360. It is only possible on the PS3"

There's a pattern here in Rockstar's statements. They're all lies.

Quagmire2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

I pretty sure Rockstar said somewhere that Agent was going to be PS3 exclusive coz its a new IP, so they wanna focus more on developing the game well rather than optimising it for 2 consoles. They did not rule out any possible future titles for continuous PS3 Exclusivity.

Just think of Agent as being like Mass Effect.

Zachmo1822966d ago

Over hyped Rockstar NAH!!!!
They make great games.

It's probably cause you get way to excited for there games and it doesnt live up to what you really wanted it.

nycredude2966d ago

I think you just confirmed what he said. Bein way to excited IS being overhyped. They are the same thing. Wether it's the gamers or media who cause it lots of games get overhyped only to not live up to expectations. It's not the developers fault, most of the time.

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LumpsRGood2966d ago

Delayed, but it has revolutionary gameplay? Hmm...

I can turn invisible, but not when you're looking. Same thing.

JBroken2966d ago

Or does only apply to certain racing exclusives?

iPad2966d ago

Red Dead Redemption took 5 years to make and it looked like it took them 2 years.

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