Ripten Review: Castle Crashers PSN

Before officially starting this review let me get something out of the way: For $15 Castle Crashers on PSN is a steal! If you don’t already own it on Xbox Live…GET IT! Ok, now let’s get started.

I never owned Castle Crashers on Xbox Live. Was fortunate to have a friend and neighbor who purchased the game 2 years ago. We often played co-op games together and both found Castle Crashers an instant favorite. I took the Red Knight as he took the Green Knight and began our adventure to save the princesses.

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greeneggsnsam2967d ago

It's great that finally PS3 owners can have it... but it's been a long time!!

MisterNiwa2967d ago

Just aced through half the game with 2 buddies.

This was so much fun. Can't wait for tomorrow to complete it. :D

blizzard_cool2967d ago

I want it on the EU store so I can finally buy it!

himdeel2967d ago's plenty fun! Totally recommend if you've never had the chance to own it before.


good review man! nicely done!!

kevco332967d ago

I've always been tempted, but never got this. I loved Alien Hominid.

JohnApocalypse2967d ago

Its pretty much the same game

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The story is too old to be commented.