Evil Avatar: Shank Review

Evil Avatar writes: "While the Evil Avatar team cruised around PAX East, we watched other players saw, rip and maim in-game characters all the while with HUGE grins on their faces. After watching the users walk away talking about how they had just pounced an enemy and dropped a grenade in his mouth we just had to set up an interview with Klei. Soon I got to be the guinea pig, sitting down in a hotel room with a 360 controller, played of a level to defeat a boss. When the level finished and the credits started rolling I couldn't stop throwing praises, I just had to play the game. Now that August has finally rolled around and I've gotten to play the game I've been pining for, I'm ready to share my experience with the highly acclaimed Shank."

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OGharryjoysticks2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

In my review of Shank I compare it to Limbo. Sure they are different genres but neither game does anything that hasn't been done before. Both games get repetitive. Both games have a good art style. Both games are responsive. However, Shank isn't getting the free pass from reviewers like Limbo did.

DarthMoose2967d ago

Nice review man, its pretty honest, I can understand some of these frustrations, kinda reminds me of battle toads, lol. I think for what it is though , A beat em up, Shank does a great job and its just great to look at as well, but its nothing more than that, so if you enjoy beat em ups, you'll probably enjoy this game