The 10 best GTA IV mods ever

Megabits of Gaming takes a look at some of the best mods for Rockstar's GTA IV... Check out The Force mod and the first person view!

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GodsHand2966d ago

The only two I liked were the Weapons mod, and Formula 1 car. The nuke one was alright, too. That formula car was too fast, you can see the buses, and roads needing time to load. As for the weapons mod, that would be nice to be able to shoot all those rpg's like that at once.

Bojeeva2966d ago

Agree with the Formula 1 car - it's a great mod, but the scenery really needs time to catch up. Still think that the FPS idea is a good one - would make the city feel HUGE though and be pretty manic during shootouts

danmachine2966d ago

do a better job with the pc version of GTA5, so i actually have a chance of being able to play it.

Playerz82966d ago

I wish I could use these mods on the PS3 Version. Too bad I have a mac. These would be so fun.

Ibwib2966d ago

The nuke one reminded me of the satellite bombing you call down in Fallout 3. I'm really itching for some more GTA action, I might have to go get a second hand copy of San Andreas.

Bojeeva2966d ago

Good point - my first thought was Modern Warfare 2 though :)

2966d ago