MAG 2.0 Beta Impressions (DualShockers)

DualShockers writes, "Recently a brand new MAG beta was released on the PlayStation Store for those who own the MAG disc. Not only does this bring forth the PlayStation Move support which has been promised but also a number of changes are previewed for free which will be coming for the full title in the near future. This includes new maps, game-modes, features, as well as general overhauls to the existing title in question. I am happy to report that after putting some time in with the beta for what is essentially MAG 2.0 I am impressed, excited, and much more satisfied by what is being put forth from Zipper Interactive towards their new, 256 man, first person shooter, intellectual property. Read on for a breakdown on what you’ll experience in the new beta and my thoughts on what works and what doesn’t as well as the timing of all of these updates."

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Hitman07692969d ago

There are so many things that MAG didn't do right off the bat that I was genuinely disappointed, now playing the beta of new features I'm left wondering what took so long yet pleasantly surprised at the caliber the team at Zipper was able to finally deliver these features with.

ABizzel12969d ago

I kind of agree with you. MAG didn't felt like it was still in Beta when it launched. The gameplay mechanics were good, but the game had absolutely no direction. They need to do a re-review of MAG and get people on board again, because they lost me, and now I want to get back in as long as I'm not at this huge disadvantage.

ABizzel12968d ago

I meant Mag did feel like it was still in Beat. Kids always proofread.

Larry L2968d ago

I'm one of the people who had MAG, and I thought it was good, but I ended up trading it in. I don't even know why....I liked the game....but I just traded it in. Certain little things i guess.

Anyway, I've got 2 questions for anyone who still plays. I hear surpression can now be played on all maps instead of just your PMC's map. Is it random? Does the server mix up the maps enough?

And in the latest update Zipper says they updated the lighting. How much of a difference did this make in the visuals? I've searched online for before and afters, but I can't find any.

bumnut2968d ago

i think you really meant 'beta' :)

BattleAxe2968d ago

I bought MAG last week, but i was also in the original Beta. Its a good game, but it definately needs more maps. When I play suppression it seems like I'm always playing SVER suppression and a little Valor suppression. The Interdiction game mode was an awesome addition. They need more vehicles in this game though.

booni32969d ago

i have never played mag so i'd love to get in on some of that beta action,

NYC_Gamer2969d ago

will this be enough to bring players back?because its a lot of competition coming this winter

raztad2969d ago

Actually there are always been competition. MW2 before release and BC2 after. I dont think neither BO or MoH will change the fanbase thet enjoy MAG.

Ot: I never though about this beta as somthing like MAG 2. I like the additions. Gonna play it.

mrv3212969d ago

They should do a re release and ask for people to do a re-review, I dislike the first beta but enjoy the current game... it deserves more than the 5/10 that it got.

taz80802969d ago

Interesting to see that MAG is still kicking around. Surprised zipper is still focusing on this with SOCOM in the wings.

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The story is too old to be commented.