FIFA 11: 11 minutes of gameplay

M2G Writes:

EA has released an 11 minute gameplay video for FIFA 11 and its looking good.

The video sees Creative Director Gary Paterson playing a game of FIFA 11 against Associate Producer Aaron Mchardy to prove once and for all who was the best!

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ElDorado2966d ago

is garbage. No changes, it's always the same. Yet you all act like its a godly footy. No game is better then PES 6

Baka-akaB2966d ago

nah i dont like fifa , but it does look far less dull in the gameplay and sluggish than usual .

I'm still convinced that pes 11 will be better from what i've seen of the new gameplay , features and realisation , but it's a good year for fifa too

Senden2966d ago

For pes to even compete with fifa, they need to remove the god awful superglue off the player's boots.. when they run with the ball it's like the ball is magically stuck to their feet, this alone completely ruins pes for me. Another thing that needs looking at is the ball physics.. it's hard to explain but they look completely off in the game.

DMason2966d ago

Get with the times El Dorado, FIFA is the ultimate football franchise. Reviews, awards,sales figures, and fans all agree. PES 6 was a great game, but that has no relevance on todays market. FIFA has a package so well put together that no football fan can ignore.

There's even a good chance that you're a closet FIFA player. I know I know, its sooooo goood that you just cant get enough.

mbanatech252966d ago

pes needs a new engine pes belongs to ps2 era we want real soccer not comedies lik pes.

2966d ago
Leviathon64252966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

goalkeepers to be more fallible, instead of having godly reflexes, faster gameplay or have an option to increase the speed of gameplay, and a more involving career mode ie. press conferences and dissing other coaches like football manager, as well vastly improving the referees, when playing on hardest difficulty cpu team gets away with such blatant fouls which pisses me off sometimes. But one can only dream