G4TV: PlayStation Move: Everything You Need to Know

Morgan Webb and Blair Herter get you everything you need to know on the upcoming PlayStation Move and test out the motion control and browse through the variety of launch titles.

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Spaghett2995d ago

The only thing I know and need to know is that this is useless shit.

Bell Boy2994d ago

Why do you need to comment on it then?

Go back to your cave

inveni02994d ago

It's not useless, but it makes me curious. Why is it that all the event demos of Move worked like a charm and no one ever complained about it being "finicky", but when people got it home they're all of the sudden having issues? If you ask me, there's probably a bit of a learning curve in using the controller--especially if you're used to the waggle of Wii.

Roonie2994d ago

Article mate, this is psmove not kinect.

KratosGod32994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Is talking about kinect
I think he is in the wrong post, and he doesn’t know :)

tiamat52994d ago

G4 really sucks at using the Move. Why are they flailing around like that? In all the videos showing the Move working have never seen anyone make such broad strokes. The same thing when I saw them reviewing Start the Party. They looked like they were forcing themselves to play it. They must still think they are playing with the Wiimote. I was afraid this would happen.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )


Move is the next generation of Motion Gaming.

By time, misinformed/ignorant people will change their minds, when they notice the Augmented Reality, Z Axis, the super precision, Body, Face and Voice Recognition along with PS Eye.

WildArmed2994d ago

You know, they forgot RE5 and MAG for Move support xD

with that said, I WANT to pick up move day 1 but atm don't have (already bought games i mean) that many games that support it.
I think I'll wait for SOCOM 4 to get move? Hopefully we'll see a cheaper bundle.

IDk, I want to buy it day one, but it seems like there are too many reasons to just hold off for a few months.
(LBP2 looks great use of Move but I'm picking up Move in Late Jan '11. So IDK)

I wanna BADLY play Re5 w/ move but refuse to re-buy re5 4 it.

Maybe I should just pick up Sports champ and Move (1 controller) for the time being? Any suggestions?

Rybakov2994d ago

ps move its the wii only it requires a camera and looks like a sex toy

Bobbykotickrulesz2994d ago

Oh yeah, and you forgot the part about it actually being good.
That's pretty important.

gta_manic2994d ago

Get your mind out of the sex toys, your mother and I had a long talk last night about your problem with them, and we agreed that it's just getting out of hand now.

Rybakov2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

excuse me princess i can't help it if sony can't think of a good idea to save there life and rip off the worst system out there
btw my mother is long dead so hope you like talking to dirt since that seems what you like to do being a psfangirl

inveni02994d ago

Sony's good idea is the best idea of this generation: Buy first party studios that kick ass.

gta_manic2994d ago

you would pull the "mom is dead, that makes you poo" move, and then the weak "you are a girl to me, that mean i wins". Very sad effort from a sad troll, it makes me sadding(ya, its a word in internetland), but hey hope is in the horizon, all you have to do is stop cry over your keyboard and STFU.

2994d ago
Rybakov2994d ago

wait im confused your saying the wii is good?

dkgshiz2994d ago

Its the wii with less shovelware.

Rybakov2994d ago

well for one im serious about my mother being dead
and why would you think of me as an icky girl

im not the one who either is a very stereo typical black or white thrash thinking he is black by actually liking the terrible grand theft auto (obviously meaning you have no taste in games)
and why would i cry over my key bored i won't be the one spending 200 bucks on wii accessories for my ps3 sorry sir but your argument is very ill made for the record as well i don't plan on spending 150 bucks for the webcam for the 360 either cause motion control in general sucks and is a bunch on nonsenicle gimicks to make money

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Silly gameAr2994d ago

Knowing G4, If this was for the 360, the launch games would have been plentiful and the XBOX Move would have been the best thing since sliced bread.

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