GameStop Pulls Medal of Honor From Military Stores Over Taliban Inclusion

Kotaku has just been told that, "As of noon today all GameStop stores located on military bases will no longer be advertising or selling copies of Electronic Arts' upcoming military shooter Medal of Honor because an aspect of the game includes playable Taliban characters, "

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scar203021d ago

Its just a game its not like thier recruiting terrorists.but i understad the soldier part.

0mega43021d ago

maybe we should pull mafia from all gamestop stores in little italy

maybe we should not sell red dead in places with native americans

maybe we shouldnt sell halo to places with aliens

gamestop you guys are idiots you couldn't even get my SC2 preorder secured at launch

Red_Orange_Juice3021d ago

I would love a MoH promo picture with a soldier dressed as a Taliban, in your face protesters!

Darkstorn3021d ago

I just don't see what Gamestop is trying to prove. Medal of Honor is a collection of pixels, not an infectious substance capabable of compromising the morality of gamers.

Lifendz3021d ago

But try to look at it from the perspective of someone who's loved one was killed by a Taliban member. I know I know...same thing for Mafia, right? I guess that argument applies but maybe people's sensibilities are heightened because one party was killed in an official government action while the other is just a random act of violence.

I dunno. I get it though. And if the soldiers really want the game there's always Amazon, Buy, etc. Heck, there are usually game stores less than a mile from base.

N4BmpS3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I think say it's just a game adds to the problem, what if (and I know I shouldn't really speculate on this but) what if this game has the deepest and most thought provoking campaign ever created? But people won't understand that because you hold a controller in your hands and it's regarded to as a very expensive toy. But I understand what you are saying.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3021d ago

Soliders where interviewed and asked about the issue and they had no problem with MoH. I hope GameStop gets sued for this censoring bullshit

ivant3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

There were terrorists responsible for 30 million deaths.

Nazi Germany.

Of course, we don't have and ban any game with Nazis in it.....NOT!

So playing talibans is not good but playing a gunmen going through an airport killing innocent civilian is okay...cough, cough MW2? WTF.

UnwanteDreamz3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

You almost had it. I think they are saying terrorism is okay in games if the terrorists are light skinned.

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comp_ali3021d ago

I can say this is just

plain stupid

Myst3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Why do I have a feeling this has been done before. I can't remember the exact game but I do believe another one was denied or pulled from Gamestop's located on bases? I would like to read up on how this choice came to be made. Was it because someone complained to Gamestop, or was it just that Gamestop took the initiative this time?

I completely understand that playing as the Taliban MAY come off as problematic for some of the men and women of the military, but if they don't have a problem with it and enjoy games for stress relief why deny them of the game? Besides as one commenter on Kotaku stated 'What's stopping them from going off base to get the game?' Unless they plan to completely halt all sales to active military participants which would be just down right sad.

Acquiescence3021d ago

because I buy all my games from military stores.


Don't look at me like that, there's nothing wrong with buying games from military stores.

Johandevries3021d ago

Now I can't buy my games in the local military base anymore

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