SGL: Valkyria Chronicles 2 Review: “Easily the Best SRPG Played in Recent Memory”

SGL: "The PlayStation 3’s Valkyria Chronicles is still one of the console’s strongest titles with its strong combination of beautiful hybrid of gorgeous graphics, strong storytelling and deep strategy role-playing. The problem is, it was largely overlooked and never received the mainstream popularity it deserved.

Undeterred by Valkyria Chronicles’ lukewarm success overseas, Sega is now trying their luck on the PlayStation Portable with the sequel, Valkyria Chronicles II."

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Optical_Matrix2994d ago

I would buy this now if I wasn't going to Japan next friday -_- This and KH Birth By Sleep. So annoying that they come out so close to my holiday. But VC2 looks fantastic. We can only hope VC3 improves on this!

Urmomlol2994d ago

About 20 hours in. It's aite. Not a big fan of the anime bullshit, but the gameplay is fun.

NExaminer2994d ago

Anime type RPG games are a dime a dozen, but this one is definitely looking pretty good based on review. Pre-release, I was a bit on the edge about it, but I think it will be worth picking up. I've been wanting another solid RPG for a while now.

Leupac2994d ago

I've been looking forward to playing VC2 since E3. I plan on picking it up this weekend and then KH: BBS right after.