Girl Gamers Unmasked

This may surprise you, but girl gamers are actually everywhere, and they’re surprisingly diverse in their tastes. Regardless of what the media and marketers insist, women aren’t solely interested in playing with digital doll houses, ponies, puppies and SingStar. Instantly pigeonholing women’s tastes like this is counterproductive – our favourite gaming flavours are just as varied as yours.

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Anime-Vixen4530d ago

Some of you guys need to read this. Im getting tired of all you guys insults. Hopefully this article will open your eyes about girlgamers!

rroded4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

the amount of grief girls get online...

insults, sexual innuendo, stereotyping etc etc

tho most of the girl gamers on my friends list have thick skin. Still they tend ta stick to people they know. Just cause if they game on their own with a female sounding nick or heaven forbid use their mikes it usually results in grief from some morons.

handheldwars4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

Put that "Vixen" in her place!

Bubbles to you, sir.

Count4530d ago

Orange, it wasn't funny the first time, and you can bet that it still isn't any funny right now.

AndrewRyan4530d ago

"Ahh stop talking trash to girl gamers!" BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Do you have any form of intelligence? Trolls target people who complain, therefore, they are obviously going to target the women that start talking shit about their rights and leave the women alone who just plays and ignores them.

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MrLife4530d ago

Aww girl your tears are tasty

Count4530d ago

Get a life, Mister Life.

zootang4530d ago

He wants to be a hero/saviour of women. Not realizing it is as condescending as some of the statements on here.

smilydude134530d ago

I went in for scantily clad gaming-whores. Non to to be found.

darkcharizard4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

Go back to the kitchen!!

theonlylolking4530d ago

Yup, when I get online and a girl gamer with a mic and starts speaking. Most of the guys are like WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND or other sexual stuff or flirting.

Cant girl gamers play without be pestered?

baodeus4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

it is simple, these guys don't have girl friend or a social life what so ever. I welcome girl gamers, at least they tend to social a little bit and just having fun rather than cursing each other out from the top of their lungs. Worst, they body slam their mother when she cuts off their online gaming account.

If you expect to see mature gamers, you are in the wrong spot.

Nate-Dog4530d ago


DarkBlood4530d ago

O.O OMGOOOOOOOOD i found the appreintence...... lol jks its all good

Christopher4530d ago

An article about how girl gamers shouldn't be stereotyped as bad at certain games or as playing only certain 'girly' games... with a headline pic that stereotypes girl gamers as sex objects.


BannedForNineYears4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

You need to open your eyes..........Twighlight is horrible!

baodeus4529d ago

i totally agree. Twighlight totally ruin the entire Vampire tradition. What kind of vampire that can walk during the day and have diamond glowing body in the sun? At least give them some Rayban sun glasses or something.

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Acquiescence4530d ago


Apart from that morbidly obese one that's all over the internet. She can stay dresssed thank you very much.

Crossifixxo4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

Not again!! Women and their rights, they want everything to be fair but will still always want us gentlemen to treat them better than we treat ourselves, boy, what a world.

Count4530d ago (Edited 4530d ago )

So you think that we shouldn't treat them fair? That them wanting us to treat them better than we would ourselves is grounds for not treating them fairly? Boy, what a world.

AssassinHD4530d ago

I think what Crossifixxo means is that they want to be treated as equals, yet still want us to hold the door open for them. It is a contradiction.

Before anyone slams the disagree button, I am a big supporter of equality, and I do hold the door open for ladies.

Gilliand4530d ago

I'm a big supporter of equality too, I just hold the door open for every one...

n to the b4530d ago

in grade school I overheard guys saying they'd never hit a girl back. I remember thinking wtf?? I'm built like peter f*ing parker before the spider bite lol so I don't go hitting dudes bigger than me it's called common sense. why should girls be exempt from such common sense just cause they have a vag? if a girl struck me I just might go ahead and knock her back. so yeah I gotta take Crossifixxo's side on this 1.

CherryLu-Chan4530d ago

I remember dating a lass who was flat out exceptional at Halo.

There was one point where she was over at mine ... We were playing the game split screen on XboxLive and one of the other players said "That *other* [my name] is *REALLY* good!"



WIIIS14530d ago

Most are on PSN I think.

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