What Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain Have in Common

Gaming is about the experience. Mashing buttons and keys is how I spent the nineties–I stomped on Goombas, explored dungeons in Hyrule, and bunnyhopped in Quake. When playing Doom in my early years, I was terrified of the demons that the gates of Hell unleashed. And I’ll never forget the first time I saw the rain streaked sky in Donkey Kong Country’s second level, swinging vine to vine.
I had a blast with gaming then and I have a blast with gaming now. My experiences have been memorable and positive–most of the time, at least.
As titles both released in 2010, it stands within reason that Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain should have a lot more on the classics of yesteryear. They should have evolved significantly in the overall quality of experience–from gameplay to graphics, each title has had more than enough time to improve itself. But for some reason, I feel more immersed playing Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest than I do when I play as Ethan Mars.

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chaosatom2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I haven't played Heavy Rain, but FF13 was awesome(contrary to most) imo.

It was pretty restricting but the gameplay as well as the story made it worth all the while. It was surprisingly addicting as well if you just give the game a chance.

It was a huge step up from FF12 at least.

Daver2993d ago

Thats your opinion indeed, because i think i didnt play any games this generation that bad. I didnt like FF12 and FF13 was equal in term of mediocrity. Only good thing about it is the graphics.