Square Enix Explains Why Every Final Fantasy Game is Different

Regardless of what people think of the most recent game of the franchise, the Final Fantasy series has been the dominant player in the role playing genre for the past twenty years.

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Nate-Dog2968d ago

I like the idea behind it. "No point in trying to do the same thing", it's a good model for lots of upcoming companies. That's not to say that any series with direct sequels are bad, but it's a different and (and in most cases for FF) a good way or working with things.

Lucreto2967d ago

It is one of the main reasons why I love Final Fantasy. Some worlds can get stale after a few games so a new one can bring a new mythology to the game.

I also like Suikoden it is all i the same world but in different areas and time periods.

SpoonyRedMage2967d ago

It's important to note that Kawazu's last creative role for the mainline FF's was with FFII.

...and it is funny considering that all of the Crystal Chronicles games are set in the same world(probably).

Redempteur2967d ago

they are ... at différent points of time ... we're not into a zelda time line debate .but it's something similar ..

Acquiescence2967d ago

different universe, different characters, different story and different RPG system every time. Instead of being a rehash every installment like Call Of Duty, it's essentially a whole new different game. Square should always be applauded for this.

TheStorm2967d ago

I think this is good and bad. IMO that may just be used as excuses for XII and XIII's radical change. I don't care for that honestly. I think they should alter it, but to me they have went too far in altering it, and created some subpar games. I-X were well done. To a point with a series, and a genre you should stay somewhat with in the bounds of it, change is good, but sometimes too much just goes too far, and you start taking away core aspects of the game.

Baka-akaB2967d ago

there were never really bounds to begin with so ...
At most some names , chocobo , and a vague impression that some of the title had unproven ties .

TheStorm2967d ago

RPG's do have a set bound, that of exploring in a non-linear world. XIII was too linear. And felt shallow as hell. There was nothing (once you got to the non-linear part) that was really deep feeling, the world just felt empty.

And the first X were pretty similar to one another, so yea, there were bounds.

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The story is too old to be commented.