Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Impressions (DualShockers)

DS writes, "
Are you curious about picking up the new Dead Rising 2: Case Zero prologue, exclusively on Xbox Live? Well, if you are at all wondering what is in store for you with this title, look no further because I have some gameplay footage for you.

I sat down with fellow DualShocker Jon Ireson and we discussed a few of the things to expect from this awesome zombie-bashing title from Capcom, such as weapons, points system and simply just how fun this title was, and of course we also had to poke a little fun at each other as well.

Although, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was made exclusively to Xbox 360, those who are on the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC will be able to take the reigns as Chuck Greene in Dead Rising 2 when it hits store shelves later in the month."

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