Black Ops Multiplayer: 5 Tricks Treyarch Missed

NowGamer suggests a few new multiplayer features that could've made Black Ops even better…

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FishCake9T43059d ago

The bounty hunting idea sounds awesome. If hey ever actually put that in the game im creating a new PSN called x-Boba-Fett-x

xAlmostPro3059d ago

agreed, the only one that would not only be cool but also balanced :)

AndrewRyan3059d ago

Sounds like fun. It would be much funner with many players however, like say somewhat like MAG can have or maybe even 64 players would be nice. I also like the idea of Protect the Man. Each side starts with barricades and one man is assigned the leader and if he dies, the team loses. Both sides must try to push the enemies respawn and the leaders can be resistant to explosives so they can not die from random grenades and such.

NExaminer3059d ago

Those are all pretty solid ideas; if they added some of those, it definitely would further liven up the multiplayer aspect.

adlt3059d ago

How would that fit in the games time period..? Not to be a downer or anything, I loved that feature in MGS4.

0mega43059d ago

will become the new way to boost

as you and a friend could just take turns winning with tac inserts which are already confirmed to be in game

outlawlife3058d ago

wager mode is independent from competitive multiplayer, kills boosting

Solstice3059d ago

I'm pretty sure they thought of many possible ideas that they could implement into the Black Ops game, but a reason why they might have left a few things (especially the dis-arming idea) out is because this franchise is still expanding. If they put so many features into one game, it would take quite a bit to take it down in a future title. Who knows - there probably will be a Future Warfare title or something...

mrv3213059d ago

Zombies, a mode where one team has just a pistol and no killstreaks and one team starts off with 2 player armed with just a knife and tomohawk. If the team with the 'zombie' team kill someone that person switches sides... this is fun on private matches
Mike Myers is also very fun, only one guy can kill with the knife, no perks or killstreaks.
Tug of War, two teams of equal numbers, if you get killed you switch sides... winner is the only team left standing at the end.

Urmomlol3059d ago

Optical Camouflage in a game set during the Cold War?

I have to admit, Now Gamer, you guys have a real knack for being absolutely awful at your jobs.

jimmins3058d ago

As you are really "awful" at actually READING articles. It says in plain English that the idea is not serious. It makes a big fat joke out of it. Learn to read.

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