Gamereactor: Jon Shafer on Civilization V

Gamereactor sat down with Civilization V lead designer Jon Shafer to talk about what it takes to appeal to an more casual audience, the state of PC gaming and more.

"Civilization Revolution reached a more casual audience, is that an audience you are aiming for with Civilization V?

We definitely want to pull some of them in. The game is not going to appeal to all of them, some of them won't have an interest in it. But we do think that's a good group of people that we should bring in.

With Civ 5 one of our goals was to keep the same amount of depth, same amount of complexity as Civ 4, but then focus on the interface and the advisers making it easier to learn, easier to play. We know that there is a lot of people who are either not that interested in Civ or have tried to play Civ but just couldn't get into it because of how difficult the learning curve is at the start..."

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