Top 10 Most Addictive Games

A list of the ten most addictive video games ever made.

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TheThrills4Life2971d ago

Starcraft 2 should have been #1. That game is absolutely amazing.

DivideBYZero2971d ago

I played that game till 4am in the morning the day I got it, and I had to be at work at 7am.

mrv3212970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Clearly you should have phone in sick and kept playing Starcraft 2.

In Korea the release of Starcraft 2 was a HOLIDAY so not too many people would lose work.

Darkstorn2970d ago

I find Demon's Souls highly addictive as well. I just can't get that game out of my head for some reason...

LastDance2970d ago

Darkstorn the people that disagreed with you havent played it

Conloles2970d ago

TheThrills4Life is too true

Panthers2970d ago

LOL I am hating myself for not playing much over the past 2 days. I need to get back on track and shoot for the diamond league.

RedDead2970d ago

Jurassic park Operation Genesis

lol I know, the first time I played that as a kid I accidently stayed up till 6am, I looked at my watch and wondered where the hell the time went, I then released the dinosaurs and they caused havoc :)

danmachine2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

the first time i got oblivion i played it from early afternoon to 7am in the morning.
it was the first next gen and xbox 360 game i played.

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JDPGamer20022970d ago

Haven't played it yet, but I am dying to.

chazjamie2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

i am glad i aint a nintendo or pc gamer. why would anyone be proud to be addicted to a game?


what the comments going to say: well i know what you guys mean, i could really use some powder, but dont wanna disappoint the fam.


god i miss it so much, its supposedly more addictive than WOW. seriously whats the difference between the two? none man, the doctors said so.

Darkfiber2970d ago

Yeah it's so awesome I got bored of it 10 years before it even came out.

Panthers2970d ago

If your suggesting that this game is just like SC1 then you have not explored the depth of it. Small changes made this a much different game, yet at its core its still very much Starcraft, which is what EVERYONE wanted. Why change one of the best and longest lasting games of all time? I mean when a game still has a huge online following 12 years after release, you know you are doing something right.

Daver2970d ago


small changes still are small changes, thats not making a different game that much...
why changes? because starcraft 1 has been played for more than 10 years and still being played so why not something more fresh? it took them 12 years to make a game that is WAY too similar to the first 1. Buildings are the same units are the same, races are the same, even if they added few more new things it is still too much like the 1st one.

Daver2970d ago

Demons souls, Diablo and Fallout 3 were very addictive.

Scrooge2969d ago

After all these years I'm still addicted to Mike Tyson's Punchout. Still can't beat Iron Mike. Damn near impossible!

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TheKoreanWalker2971d ago

Really good list. All of these games are incredibly addicting. One suggestion would have been to add Super Bomberman 2 or Halo 2. But Tetris is definitely #1 for me.

ReporterGirl2971d ago

I still prefer Halo 1 to Halo 2.

DDP2971d ago

Good list. They needed to add Diablo 2 instead of Diablo 1 though. Much better game. Also, some RPGs have been really addicting also. FFVII for one.

Theflyinghumanoid2971d ago

Ms. Pac-Man? I got tired of that game in 5 minutes. Its the same screen over and over again. Where's 007?

MountainMaverick2971d ago

I like it. I still can play Tetris for hours.

Samus20802971d ago

Ever play Tetris Party on the Wii? 4 players at once with weird viruses. So much fun.

ClSmooth2970d ago

2 player tetris = best gaming experience ever.