Capcom Hopes to Replace Resident Evil With Dead Rising

As it stands the Resident Evil series is Capcom’s top selling franchise of all time. Sitting at 44m games sold across numerous platforms in it’s lifetime it may be impossible to imagine the RE series being dethroned by any other game made by Capcom. Keiji Inafune hopes to change all of that.

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piroh2968d ago

here sleeps our beloved RE1,2 with puzzles, riddles and key searching

...i hope Dead Rising will once evolve to that form just like original RE games was - key searching, horror atmosphere

JsonHenry2968d ago

It won't happen. Not with this game anyway.

StanLee2968d ago

Dead Rising 2 is the mediocre sequel to a mediocre game lauded when many games at the time were terrible. I don't get the cult facination with games like Dead Rising and Crackdown. They were mediocre but have this rabid fanbase. Dead Rising 2 sorry to say, is a repetitive, terrible structure with the most ridiculous premise and even more ridiculous narrative.

qface642968d ago

geez man you know what this tells me they are gonna just give RE the shaft in the future no i don't mean cancel but its gonna end up taking a back seat just like megaman and all those other ignored capcom franchises

El_Colombiano2968d ago

Funny. I love both Dead Rising and Crackdown to death.

Anon19742968d ago

I agree. Mediocre sequel to a mediocre game. I really wanted to like this game, I just couldn't. I'm not a fan of timed missions at the best of times so the idea of making a larger, sandbox game and then not giving you enough time to do 2/3 of what there is to do is madness. It doesn't add to replay value, it just adds to frustration value. Even when I finished a mission, it didn't feel like I accomplished anything because two other missions were failed. What masochistic bastard thought this was a good idea?

In contrast, I loved RE5 to death. It wasn't a good resident evil game, but as a co-op action game I had a helluva time. I certainly didn't spend 20 minutes slogging through zombies just to get to the goddamned save point - another brain dead idea from Dead Rising.

lowcarb2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

I also loved Dead Rising and CrackDown but part 2 to both have so far felt like let downs. All i want is a redone Code Veronica and although off topic a Symphony of the night 2.

badz1492968d ago

but DR to replace RE? although both have zombies, both played too differently. RE is basically a survival horror and used to have the 'Japanese style' of game until they westernized RE5, but DR is a zombie slaying game. RE used to have puzzles and everything but DR and the sequel, is nothing like RE. plus, RE is at its own class where people buy the game by its name alone and more importantly, the Japanese love RE but DR is new and don't have market yet especially in Japan. IMO, Capcom as a Japanese company should really cater to Japanese 1st and foremost with their games!

Rocket Sauce2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Speaking of ridiculous...

P.S. - I actually love this part. More games need to embrace ridiculousness

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Christopher2968d ago

Yeah, not seeing it happen with Dead Rising. Two completely different games in terms of gameplay.

I may not be the biggest fan of Resident Evil 5, but I found it much better than Dead Rising. From the looks of it, Dead Rising 2 doesn't look any better to me from a gameplay perspective.

scofios2968d ago

Keiji Inafune < Shinji Mikami
Dead Rising < Resident Evil

newhumanbreed2968d ago

Shinji Mikami doesn't make Resident Evil anymore. That's a big reason why that series is trash now.

ZombieAutopsy2968d ago

No Shinji Mikami has created much greater franchises than Keiji Inafune, not that either of them are bad at what they do.

Rocket Sauce2968d ago

Zombies > Whatever the hell Resident Evil has now

zireno2968d ago

I don't know if it's just me, but I started to enjoy better the last 2 resident evils (4 and 5) since I accepted that they were no longer survival horror but action games, and for what they are (action games) they are pretty good, and most people should base their opinions on what the games are instead of what the games should be. Yeah, I enjoyed the first resident evil games as much as the next person, but franchises evolve for better or worse, and even though they are no longer survival horror, you can't deny it's still a quality franchise. I hope there comes a game that take on the zombies/survival horror void that resident evil left but I don't think dead rising will be it.

dinkeldinkse2968d ago

But too many people want RE to be survival horror, so they are never going to enjoy the more action type of game of the last two.

Anorexorcist2968d ago

An IP can never fall into a certain stagnant form of gameplay. Resident Evil can always reform to accommodate all the idiots who said that RE5 wasn't good enough, I hope it doesn't, because RE5 was a good game. All the fanboys who fervently said otherwise need to stop being so finicky.

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Cevapi882968d ago

a game that has a comedic feel to how you kill zombies vs a real strategy horror game....sad day

MicroSony4Life2968d ago

If you found RE5 to be strategic then you must be slow.

Cevapi882968d ago

did you see me mention RE5? the series overall had strategy in it...Capcom turned RE5 into a 3rd person shooter meant for "western" gamers....and i agree that RE5 isnt strategic...its what happens when you take a series and turn into something completely different

Rampaged Death2968d ago

I can't see this happening at all

multipayer2968d ago

Me neither, but I can see Resident Evil being made in the style of Dead Rising with much more interesting characters for coop...

SoapShoes2968d ago

I can't see this happening either... Dead Rising is good, but it's no Resident Evil even if the new ones are action games and not horror games. RE actually has plot and I hope RE6 is similar to RE4 before it changed to what it became.

CaliGamer2968d ago

What they should do is create a survival horror game that is open world like GTA.

How cool would it be to have to hold up in a high rise and make your way across a zombie infested city.

BTW, all zombie and horror fans should watch this show on Halloween

JsonHenry2968d ago

I have two different electronic reminders to tell me that show is coming on an hour before it shows.

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