The Demise of MAG and How Zipper Can Stop It

After unsuccessfully waiting in MAG's matchmaking queues for an hour and a half last Saturday afternoon, it dawned on me just how small this title's online community had become. MAG may have sold 900,000 copies since its release in March, but owners of this groundbreaking FPS have been gradually abandoning its online arenas. As the months go by, it has become increasingly more difficult to get into matches. And despite being a great game, it has some serious matchmaking and presentation flaws that have hurt it in the long run.


The author added "Update: Since some readers are expressing doubt over the length of MAG's matchmaking times, I've posted a recording of myself sitting around for 15 minutes in the queues without being able to join a game. This was recorded last Saturday afternoon."

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JBroken2966d ago

Whats not to like? I'm assuming that pic is from MAG?

M-Easy2966d ago

This guy is lying his ass off I never wait more then 5 min for a game. This might of been believable 3 months ago but the the player numbers have been rising since 1.06 and especially 1.07. BS "opinion piece"

2966d ago
Scottyabanks2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Yeah man. I never wait more than 5 mins. This dude does not know what he is talking about. Usually I'd go on a huge rant and correct all his wrongs here but I just woke up and it wasn't just the other day I corrected someones comment on another story about MAG. But then again. This is an "opinion piece" Word to the wise, keep your damn opinions to yourself if you don't want people like me to jump in and tear your ass apart for bashing a game you obviously know jack about. Thank you.

Also, waiting 5+ minutes is not that bad at all for a match that can last a half an hour.

Dramscus2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Maybe he was trying a match in the beta server. Or trying to play retail when beta was on. Either or would screw up que times.

I'm just going to throw this out there as a regular mag player. I'll play it till they shut the servers off but if they made any of these changes (except the menu changes though they do suck) I'd just stop playing.
Dynamic factions, dynamic player requirements. Buddy should go play COD with the other lame O's that can't think three steps ahead.

Beefstew4u2966d ago

His last point is invalid anyway, since you already do get double points for directive. And also Happy Hour =).

BattleAxe2966d ago

Depending on which game mode I try to get into, it can take up to 10 minutes, but the wait is usually worth it.

BattleAxe2966d ago

@ EvilBlackCat

Yes, I was being very tacticle with my overhyping......riiight...

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EvilBlackCat2966d ago ShowReplies(1)
rdgneoz32966d ago

The pic is a Sver guy. The actual in game face things for them are goggles and then a bunch of hockey masks (which look kick ass). Also, I never wait more than 6 or 7 min and that's late at night or early morning.

darkdoom30002966d ago

What que did he join? I can usually get a match in less than 5 minutes. Unless it's indiction.

T9X692966d ago

The question is, why did he stay in that queue for that long, instead of backing out and restarting the queue. Also I don't know where this guy is getting the game launched in March, because it launched at the end of January. It doesn't take me long at all to get into a match, but I think there should be way more players than there is right now.

-Alpha2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Interdiction has a pitiful 80 players in total. A 128 match with 80 players. It's going to be a pain getting those trophies now.

I can usually find a game pretty fast, but it does get increasingly difficult. Unfortunately the community is small and continues to dwindle. It's too bad because Zipper has given it good support. This is the problem with having such a big multiplayer game, especially on the PS3 where shooters aren't exactly as popular and the PS3 community is more diversified.

I wonder how MAG would have fared on PC.

DirtyLary2966d ago

MAG is my favorite shooter on PS3.

Say a prayer it survives the COD:BO release.

So many players are going to bail.

AssassinHD2966d ago

I seriously doubt that. The people who are going to flock to Black Ops are the same people who are currently playing Modern Warfare 2 instead of MAG anyway.

DirtyLary2966d ago

Lets hope the game doesn't die off. Player counts are soo low atm, it's scary.
Try to play when it's not primetime USA and you are forced into one or two gamemodes unless you want to wait 30 mins or more.

I have this bad feeling Zipper is racing to release their last two DLC before COD:BO, milk a few bucks before things get really ugly.

Oh well I can only hope SOCOM4 gets this kind of support post release.

WarPonyDestroyer2966d ago


GL with that hope. black ops will crush every FPS on PS3.

AssassinHD2966d ago

You do not seem to grasp my point. Different people have different tastes. People who are playing MAG right now are people who prefer that kind of experience. People who will be attracted to Black Ops are people who prefer that type of experience. Since Modern Warfare 2 already offers that type of experience, it stands to reason that people who prefer that are already playing it.

Granted there will be some differences between Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2, but for the most part the experiences are similar.

jaosobno2966d ago

The one thing I resent about MAG is respawn timer. 20 sec to respawn and then another 20 to run back to action is too much for me.

DirtyLary2966d ago

Beats being spawn camped or insta killed in a COD spawn.

-Alpha2966d ago

I like squad spawning. Keeps the teamplay tight.

Also, stick with your squad and you usually get revived and don't have to run towards the battlefield.

Better yet, knock down enemy defenses and spawn closer :)

Thing with MAG is just that: You need to find the right match otherwise it ends up being too lopsided and not fun. It gets frustrating when you play with half a squad or the enemy team isn't matched up with yours

nnotdead2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

this why being in an active clan is mandatory.

edit: maybe mandatory was the wrong word, but i really don't think i would be playing anywhere near as much of this game if i never joined my clan.

xman062966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

dude there is a clock at the bottom right where your team is listed. It pops up when you are bleeding out to let you know the re-spawn time.

Chug2966d ago

And the community seems to be pretty strong still. Great game, I don't know why I didn't get it when it was released.

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