Final Fantasy XIII Sold 3 Times as Much on PS3

Was the decision to release Final Fantasy XIII on both PS3 and 360 a good one?

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Cloudberry3836d ago

Good for Square Enix, I guess...

evrfighter3835d ago

I Bought it for the ps3 my brother for the 360.

We both couldn't find the motivation to try and finish it. I think I'm done with the FF series on consoles. I'll stick with the MMO's.

don't give a rat's a$$ about the graphics. If they made a Devil May Cry RPG with no jumping. FF13 would be it.

Ninja-Sama3835d ago

I've been a FF fan for a very long time, and I could not find it in me to finish FF13. It was one of the biggest letdowns for me this gen.

RBLAZE19883835d ago

one of the biggest let downs for me in the entire history of gaming.

EvilBlackCat3835d ago

"We both couldn't find the motivation to try and finish it"

yup same feeling here

JRPG's are just the same bullshit as before

like i said before MASS EFFECT, FALLOUT and ELDER SCROLLS is the future.

SilentNegotiator3835d ago

Ps3 gamers don't buy games!

bakasora3835d ago

That piece of crap sold so many? booo!

dredgewalker3835d ago

Me too, I just got bored of FF and didn't finish it.

4pocalyps33835d ago

It's not just me that couldnt finish it. I started playing it since its release. got up until that barth dude the second time thought meh cba fighting him I'll do it later. *4months later* I'm so bored I'll put in FF13. Play it, kill barth after aaaages. The game then procedes to give me the middle finger and crash. I have not touched it ever since >_<

AAACE53835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Notice how it is good news for a Ps3 game!

Now if it were good news for a different console, these numbers would be discredited as false! People would laugh at it and make comments about VGchartz numbers being a joke!

You gotta love N4G... it's the only place where logic is irrelevant!

Japan gave it a significant edge though... though I doubt most of you actually looked at the numbers. You probably just saw the title and commented, but who cares right!

Darkfocus3835d ago

ya I couldn't finish it either. the story was cringe worthy and the gameplay was like FF easy mode just no challenge whatsoever,lose a battle start exactly were you lost. plus even when it opened up on granpulse there was nothing there sure you could run around in a big field but it was nearly empty. I think I got to that big tower thing before I stopped playing.

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gtamike3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

3 times as much people got the 1 disk and hd version.

Oh and M$ keep spending your money on advertising and not using it to make your own games.

rezzah3835d ago

yea its funny how they put millions into advertising when they could use it to make some more exclusive games for their system. The more you have for your system the better it stands out.

SonyPS3603835d ago

Hey look everyone, it's from vgcharz.

You know, that place you Ps3 fans keep labeling as a completely unreliable source?

Da One3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

SE just ****ing sucks, hell what about Persona, VC, Demon's Souls...

fatstarr3835d ago

FF 13 wasnt that bad
it didnt feel like a traditional ff though
it felt like its own spin off.
it was linear
but the oerba part was a glimmer of what the game could be like
the story was a 7/10
MUSIC 10/10 I Remember the battle theme and some bg songs perfectly
the battle system was great

i still wasted like 30 hours to beat it
and the boss battle was hard because i under trained to make it a challenge.

AAACE53835d ago

Agreed! If it was a stand alone title with a different name, it would have probably got the respect it deserved, but they attached the FF name to it which caused fans to expect it to be similar to past games... which is what ended up hurting it!

BlackTar1873835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )


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Omega43836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

1.51ml vs 2.38ml when they are compared where they BOTH released.

Pretty much confirms FFVSXIII will be at minium a timed exclusive.

@Rumor Monger
A main final fantasy game has never been released on the Xbox before and the xbox brand isn't exactly known for its JRPG fanbase so its impressive no matter who got advertising.

Rumor Monger3836d ago

FF13 was only advertised on 360, keep that in mind

callahan093836d ago

Rumor Monger stated a fact, got a disagree. Lovely! Have a bubble, my friend.

zootang3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

FFXII did 1.76ml in its first week being a PlayStation exclusive.

ELite_Ghost3836d ago

lol yea that FFXIII 360 was so useless XD

Anon19743836d ago

And don't forget, Final Fantasy advertised on the 360, using PS3 screenshots. The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK is currently investigating Square for false advertising for using the PS3 version's screens to try to push the inferior 360 version.

user13373835d ago

In the UK. Never saw an advert say 360 and Ps3. Alwasy "available on xbox 360".

But seriously are people really surprised?

sikbeta3835d ago

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
Square Enix

America: 1.13
Japan: 1.86
Europe: 1.25
total: 4.24

Final Fantasy XIII (X360)
Square Enix

America: 0.82
Japan: 0.00
Europe: 0.69
total: 1.51

Bet Wada is kicking himself in the nuts since his "methods" (western focus) are not working and the only thing he's getting is the disappointment of Real FF Fans that still waiting for the Best, the way SE was sided to the x360, making exclusives JRPG games that didn't helped MS and SE in Japan at all, then FF13 that didn't break any sales record being multiplat, the fact that SE knew they couldn't release FF13 for x360 in Japan cos they knew it wasn't to work out for then like they were expecting since the beginning of this Gen, the complain of the Fans for feeling the game wasn't on par with other iterations, it's time for Wada to realize that FF belongs to PlayStation Fans now and he can't change that, so the best thing he can do is just make the Developers work harder to deliver the Best for FFvs13 on PS3...

fatstarr3835d ago

one person had to buy ff 13 in japan for the 360 lol

radphil3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )


They couldn't. It was exclusive on PS3 only in Japan.

The 360 version was in NA and EU. The system does bad enough as is, in the region of JP. The best they would have gotten is maybe a few thousand, if at that.

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PirateThom3836d ago

Final Fantasy XI was released on the 360.

darthv723836d ago

was not a main part of the FF series. Final fantasy in name but not in the vein of the type of single player adventure/rpg FF games had been known for. XI was more of a way to get into the everquest MMO type of game for Square.

Redempteur3836d ago

XI and XIV are part of the main series

only titles like crisis core or FFX-2 are spin -off

that's WHY they keep increasing the number !!!!

nycredude3836d ago

Omega4 you should just change your name to spincycle and change your avatar to a washing machine. No joke.

Godmars2903836d ago

A timed release for the 360 would be a disaster. More so if the game's optimized for the PS3, and Square's hands would be tied in regards to content.

ChronoJoe3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Neither had one been released on PS3 Omega, and you cut out JP sales... you think the 360 version of XIII would sell in Japan... ? really?

And if VS is developed for PS3, it won't run on 360. It'll be built around the PS3 architecture, which has presumably already started. I dunno why people care though, we all know XIII sucked.

Cueil3835d ago

porting from the PS3 to the 360 isn't nearly as difficult because the methods that Sony makes developers use actually makes a 360 game run better

ChronoJoe3835d ago


But FXIII was already forced to be compressed, and split into multiple discs. VS XIII promises to be larger, and less linear, which would mean further compressed, and constant disc swapping as player moved between the in-game regions.

lelo2play3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

1.51 million sales is a big number to ignore. I don't think FFVSXIII will be a exclusive. It will come both to the PS3 and X360. Square will not ignore the X360 sales. They are not dumb.

mightydog013835d ago

a lot of ps3 owners did not buy ff13, me included. Because it went multi at the last minute and got delayed plus cuts where made. So the sale's figure would have gone up more on ps3 .....ff13 could have been so much better....hopefully versus will repair the damage...

cayal3836d ago

"1.51ml vs 2.38ml when they are compared where they BOTH released.

Pretty much confirms FFVSXIII will be at minium a timed exclusive. "

How on Earth did you come to this illogical conclusion?

Cueil3835d ago

through the use of logical numbers? The fact that in the west (where most PS3s are sold) the 360 version did really well considering it's market base and an action game will do even better numbers on the 360. They've got to earn money and if they can port a game over with minimal fuss and get Microsoft to cut the extra cost of multiple dvds then I don't see why they wouldn't

radphil3835d ago

"get Microsoft to cut the extra cost of multiple dvds then I don't see why they wouldn't"

That kinda killed it right there:

"get Microsoft to". Companies don't get MS to do something. :p

RBLAZE19883835d ago

If it was to be released on the 360 i think it would lose about 80 percent of it's ps3 sales and most of the series fanbase would just leave it forever. I know I would if by release day i started hearing that the games content got cut and the world map and story were shortened to fit on 3 disks.

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Natsu X FairyTail3836d ago

Now that they made a Tons of cash can they ANNOUNCE KINGDOM HEARTS 3?

Dance3836d ago

since when is 1.51 million a flop

3836d ago
rekof3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

well many ps3 gamers skipped it,..including me,.. It was probably that linear and stupefied because dvd9 and newcomers,..

SE really fucked up with this one,..

I really don't mind more gamers potentially get to play it,.. But if that means screwing it up for everyone else,.. fuck give them a different game,.. a new Ip or something,.. This was clearly no ones favorite FF,..not by a long shot,..

RBLAZE19883835d ago

360 already got enough ip's from square this gen and none of them did well enough to really warrant a sequel or anything. FF13's success was based on heavy marketing and exclusive bundles and the FF name and it still only did half of the ps3. If ff13 had stayed a ps3 exclusive then I guarantee that it would have sold 5 million or more alone on the ps3. I think some people got turned off when they heard content was cut and it pretty much turned into a corridor rpg.

AssassinHD3836d ago

Everyone should bookmark Dance's comment and refer to it the next time a PS3 exclusive sells 1.5 million.

cayal3836d ago

"since when is 1.51 million a flop"

Final Fantasy is one of the biggest series in the gaming world. It would be like Halo or Mario selling 1.5 million.

Cueil3835d ago

after like 2 seconds :p No really 1.51 million on a shitty no port that didn't even use good compression technology on the 360 if they had just used in game cinema(that actually looked better on the 360 then the crappy bink video) the game could have fit on 2 DVDs max and maybe put on one... wasn't the actual game data only 6.5 gigs?

jneul3835d ago

for a well known game it is, for a new ip it is not, FF is famous for selling atleast 6m+

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